"Learning Curve"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck A-4, IGC
Stardate: 30147.1730

She had watched the seasoned Commanding Officer as he approached her domain, the expression on his face spoke volumes.  Captain Morningstar had not come all the way up to the array section for a courtesy visit, not that she had expected him to ever do something like that. His file and her first impression of the man had been one of professionalism and efficiency, so if he was coming to see her, it had to be important.

Prior to his arrival into the IGC, the ILO had observed the man speak with several crew members as well as a two Senior Officers, namely Lieutenant Commander Maya and Lieutenant Dalziel.  It had made sense to suspect that the CO's visit had something to do with what had been discussed with one or both of them.

"To what do I owe the honor of this visit Captain?" the ILO asked right after she turned off the large, multi-framed screen before the CO could see himself on it.  In the hopes to reduce the temptation to peek into the man's memories, Shar'El had not turned to face the Captain as he moved closer.

"A situation was brought to my attention, *Ensign!*"

::Oops,:: Shar'El thought. The way the Captain had emphasised her rank had likely been meant as a reminder of the ILO's own's rank and position on the ANUBIS.  As much as her duties gave her a great deal of flexibility and freedom, the Intel Agent still fell firmly under the jurisdiction and authority of the ANUBIS' CO.

"My apologies Captain," Shar'El said as she stood from her chair and turned to face the angered man.  "No disrespect was intended, I was lost in my work and thoughts."

"That would be one of the reasons I am here Ensign," Morningstar said, his narrowed brown eyes drilling into the shorter dark haired woman who honestly feared that she had gone too far with her methods to learn more about the rest of the Senior Staff.

The ILO stood sheepishly in front of the taller man, like a girl being scolded by a parent.  Had he been made aware of what she had done with the turbolift, or of her surveillance of the senior staff?  If so, how had he found out? Shar'El quickly reviewed all of the steps she had taken to hide her tracks and could not see where she had erred.

"Lieutenant Commander Maya has pointed out that who have been keeping to yourself and spending a great deal of time here," the Captain said, his voice firm and commanding.  "I also recall reading a report from Lieutenant Dalziel in which she mentions having spoken to you, I can only guess that it had been about a similar situation."

Shar'El almost let out an audible sigh in response to what the veteran officer had said.  All of her secrets were safe and she would be able to continue as she had, at least for the most part needing to be more social as Eve had initially suggested.

"I am sorry Captain," the ILO said calmly, putting on her best poker face.  "Due to my training and personal abilities, it is difficult for me to interact with others on a simple social level.  Unlike Betazoids who learn to control their telepathy at a very early age, I only received basic training in controlling my gift at a much later age.  This has caused problems in the past which have left me to seek out solitude as much as possible."

"I fully understand this Ensign," Morningstar said.  "I suspect that this is the very reason why Admiral Koniki selected you to be the ANUBIS' ILO.  The problem is that you are a member of the crew, and as such you cannot stay hidden away in this room.  I am sure that Lieutenant Dalziel and maybe even Doctors Doyanne and Mizore could lend a hand in helping you control your gift."

"I will seek out their assistance immediately, Sir."

"Good," the CO added as he turned to leave. "oh, one last thing. I would appreciate if you left the turbolifts alone from now on."

Stunned by the CO's last words, Shar'El simply watched as the Captain exited the ICG and the doors closed behind him.



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Ensign Shar'El
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