"Power Unleashed"
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{There are only two rules to tactics: never be without a plan, and never rely on it.}
- Okri Swessin, Marshal of the Selay Lancers
Setting: USS LANCELOT, Corridor
Stardate: 63072.1438
"Wow," Elliott gasped as he and the Oltharian Chief Engineer stepped into the corridor. "This place is really a mess, Annie never said anything about how badly damaged this area was."
Elan inwardly grinned. "As the ANUBIS' Avatar Annie is not programmed to relay superfluous or emotionally perceived information," the CEO stated as he studied the full length of the corridor. "We sent here her to report on the transporter uplink as well as the status of the immediate area, which she did."
"No emotions and only tells you the bare minimum," the COO chuckled as he headed down one end of the corridor, his phaser firmly in hand. "Reminds me of a few girls I dated."
The two officers stopped dead in their tracks when they heard the sound of weapons fire from the other end of the corridor. Instantly the CEO and COO rushed in the direction of the phaser blasts to render whatever assistance they would be able to provide.
When they turned the last corner, Elan and Elliot noticed two towering dark-coloured androids with their weapons drawn. The first had already partially vanished into a room while the second had been a few steps behind, that was until the two officers had arrived. As if it had sensed their presence the last metallic beast turned and pointed its weapon towards the Oltharian in a menacing way. Lieutenant Fairborn dodged out of the way while Ensign Thomas fired his weapon.
It took several shoots but eventually the massive robot fell backwards, its chest plating having been destroyed and the circuitry inside reduced to junk.
"By the name of the two Moons," the Oltharian gasped. "What are they?"
"Whatever they are," the COO answered as he returned his tricorder to its hoister, "They are not alive. Some kind of machine," he added before he carefully made his way forward to follow the first robot which had vanished within the room.
Elan stared at the broken form of the invader, unable to reconcile what he had seen with Ensign Thomas' report. That creature had moved and responded to their presence, whatever purpose had been behind their actions the CEO could not dismiss these machines as not having been alive.
An icy chill swept through the Oltharian's soul as he identified the source of the desperate plea - Doctor Summers. Without thinking Elan rushed into the room, passed Ensign Thomas and stop to see not one but rather two more of these metallic monstrosities. The nearest one halted its progress and turned towards the Oltharian whose white eyes had locked onto the further one, its weapon trained onto the form of the ANUBIS' CMO. While on the debris filled floor Doctor Summers scrambled as best she could to escape the inevitable - the next shot would not miss as the previous ones had.
His own safety having mattered not, the Oltharian Engineer rushed as fast as he could and forced his way past the nearest robot to tackle the second and insure that his attack would not only fail but that any subsequence assault would be directed onto him.
"Elan!" Elliot exclaimed as he watched the CEO perform a move that could have only been classified as reckless. Before the robot that the Oltharian had forced his way by could react, the COO opened fire, this time his phaser having been set at maximum power. Despite the weapon's setting Ensign Thomas still had to fire multiple times to down the imposing dark humanoid.
With two of these robots down, the COO turned his attention onto the one that the Oltharian had decided to fight at close-range. Because of the proximity of the Engineer, Ensign Thomas hesitated in firing his weapon once again for fear of injuring the gentle giant. As the battle progressed though Elliot had to admit to himself that the term*gentle* had not suited the CEO for the time being.
Like two titans, the Oltharian and robot had taken hold of each other's arm and attempted to gain advantage through sheer force. The battle raged for several seconds without either side having taken a clear advantage, that was until Elan tripped over a piece of debris. Immediately after this the robot had reached for the giant's throat, the CEO's hands having quickly moved to grab the creature's hand in an effort to pry the tightening fingers from his flesh.
"ELAN! NOOO!" Doctor Summers pleaded, her voice filled with fear and sorrow.
The Oltharian closed his eyes and summoned every ounce of strength at his disposal in order to rip the robot's hand apart. The metallic monster took a single step back to analyse and adapt to the situation but that had been more than enough to allow Ensign Thomas to act. A third volley of phaser fire filled the room and downed the last of the attackers to the CMO's unbridled joy.
The COO smiled as he watched Doctor Summers rush to the Oltharian's side so that she could hug him. Alas that smile vanished when Ensign Thomas heard the sound of metallic footsteps behind him. As he turned he noted not one, not two, but three more of these robots standing in the corridor, each one of them with a hand-held weapon pointed at him.
When the air became filled with the sound of weapon fire the Chief of Operations simply took in a deep breath and readied himself for the end.
Slowly Elliot pried a single eye open to investigate what had happened, not having felt any of the pain or discomfort he had anticipated to accompany his death. Instead of the three standing robots in the corridor, the COO saw their broken forms scattered about before a group of Marines rushed inside the room.
Once satisfied that the area had been secured the Marines left the room as quickly as they had moved in to allow the ILO to take over.
"Thank you," Doctor Summers tearfully offered to the Intel Operative and her team.
Enaii glared at the CMO before she moved closer to the kneeling Doctor who nervously stood as the ILO approached. Doctor Summers had expected some sort of reprimand for having acted as she had, but never had she imagined what came to pass. With the speed of a striking cobra, the Intel Operative unleashed a single straight punch against Lea's jaw which sent the CMO flying onto the floor next to the Oltharian.
Also in the same heartbeat the ILO turned her enflamed eyes onto the COO. "What are you doing here?"
"We have managed to link the ANUBIS' transporter to those of the LANCELOT," Ensign Thomas replied, half wishing he could get away from the ILO and half worried what she would do if he actually moved.
"Sergeant," the ILO firmly stated as she moved away from the ANUBIS' Chief of Operations. "Proceed to Main Engineering, stay alert, they know we are here."
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