"The Transporters"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 14, Transporter Room 7
Stardate: 63072.1435

Elliot turned to face the Otharian.  "I'm keen to get going." ET stated in an eager tone then continued talking as he walked towards the doors to the transporter room "OK friend, it looks like its just you and me on this first trip, lets make it a good one."

The Lieutenant looked at the COO then smiled and stated "Meet me here in 2 minutes and be ready to go, and Ensign when I say 2 minutes I mean 2, OK."

"Yes sir I hear you, 2 minutes to be on the transporter pad, understood." Elliot replied.

The Chief Operations Officer came running back into the Transporter room, then punched the air and said fervently "Yes!".  Ensign Thomas wanted to be back before the CEO and when he saw the room empty he could not hold his feelings, and as he turned to wait for the Chief Engineering Officer to come back he realised that he was not alone after all.

"Ensign, I take it you are ready to go." the Lieutenant said smartly as he got to his feet then continued "I decided to have a seat while I waited on your return, however now we're ready can you set the transporter to beam us across then set the transporter to initiate a beam-back protocol every 5 minutes."

As Elliot walked towards the transporter controls he replied sheepishly to the CEO "Yes sir, I'll do that right now."  ET worked on the controls with ease, pressing and waving his fingers over several different areas of the transporter console, and then he stated in a confirming tone "we're ready, 15 seconds to get onto the transporter pad sir."

The CEO and Ensign Thomas walked onto the transporter pad, then stood and waited for the transporter to energise.  Just before this happened the Elan turned towards Elliot and said in an authoritative tone "have your phaser on the ready and I would advise that you have set it to heavy stun, just to be on the safe side." 

The Ensign was exactly correct in his timing, 15 seconds and they disappeared from the USS ANUBIS transporter room 7 pads, and materialised on the transporter pads of the USS LANCELOT.

Setting: USS LANCELOT, Deck Unknown, Room Unknown
Stardate: 63072.1438

Elliot and Elan could not believe what they saw when they appeared, the wreckage was far beyond what they had imagined, fires that had obviously burnt out, beams and walls with holes that were wide enough for them to look through and sometimes walk through. 

"Ensign, the first part of our mission is to find out what part of the ship we are on then to we need to get to Engineering to see if we can get any controls up and running again." the Lieutenant authoritatively stated.

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Ensign Elliot Thomas.
Chief Operations Officer.

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