"Another Shift Ended"
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Personnel Problems Are Nothing To Get Personal About"]


Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 30147.1800

The trip to PI ALPHA III had been quiet so far, yet the bridge had been a very busy place.  People had been coming and going for various reasons, but no major problem seemed to be at play.

A little before the end of his shift on the bridge, Stark thought he had heard the First Officer mention something about the ILO having been responsible for the turbolift malfunction. That seemed a little odd, but then again he had not met Shar'El like many others on the ship.

He had done his part in contributing to the search for the cause. There had been nothing more that Jayson could do so he accepted the fact that this situation had been out of his hands. That the ILO had or had not been involved in this no longer was his concern, although he had been a little curious.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Black Hole Lounge
Stardate: 30147.1820

Before heading back to his quarters, Jayson thought that he would take a moment to relax and enjoy a drink.  He was off duty and thought Counsellor Dalziel would appreciate his trying to be more social.  He ordered an old style American beer before finding an empty table, somewhere close to the front windows.

The view was beautiful but left Stark unimpressed. He had been looking at the exact same view of stars streaking by for the entire duration of his shift. So instead of looking out the window, Jayson turned and observed the other patrons.

He watched as a group of three engineers came to sit at the table next to his. Everyone in the group seemed tired after a long and difficult day.  Out of simple curiosity Stark ask if he could join them, which they agreed.

The conversation started with general introductions but soon turned to all of the work that had been asked of them lately.

"I had to help take apart several turbolift pods. Getting those things out of the shafts is not an easy task I tell you."

"Quit your complaining, we all had to do a lot since that blasted turbolift malfunction.  Maybe if the ship was that fragile we should not have left base."

"Remember that red alert that we were put through? Some say that this is just our CO's way to test the crew again. That he wants to see just how far people will go to find an explanation for something that cannot be explained."

Jayson smiled.  "Whatever the reason may be, look at it this way. It has made an otherwise boring trip eventful, at least for you guys.  I'm stuck on the bridge making sure everything works well, and aside from that one problem everything is working perfectly."

"I for one like the boring missions."

"Here here."

All glasses were raised for a cheer which Jayson joined in.  There would likely be more than enough excitement to go around once they reached their destination. So now had been the time to enjoy the simplicity of things instead of complaining about them.

Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark