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"As we look ahead into the next century, leaders will be those who empower others."
-Bill Gates

USS ANUBIS, Deck 1, Captain's Ready Room
Stardate: 30147.1500

This had not been Erik's first command, and after having been on board the USS PARADOX, a trans-dimensional temporal vessel, the Native American had thought that he had seen it all.  The events of the last few hours had strangely enough proven him wrong.  A simple turbolift malfunction had taken on a life of its own, and drawn the majority of his Senior Officers into a quest for answers that seemed beyond reach.

The sound of the door chime brought the CO back to the matter at hand.  A quick glance at the time displayed showed how punctual the person he had been expecting was.  The issues with the lack of immediate answers surrounding his First Officer arriving three decks off target would have to wait, not that he was at all complaining about this change,

"Come in," the Native American stated as he put the PADD that he had been holding face down on his desk and leaned back into his chair. Seconds later the doors parted granting access to the Bajoran woman who had been standing on the other side. "Welcome abroad, I hope that your trip to join us was an uneventful one," the Captain added as the nervous looking officer walked in.

"It was... quiet," Seska replied after having carefully thought of a good way to answer.the question without saying anything that might be considered out of line about the USS NILE.

"I am sorry that I will have to cut this short," the Native American continued without wasting any time.  "Our current mission is nothing more than a training exercise, but it will be one that will put the entire Senior Staff to the test, and that includes you now." The Captain fetched another PADD and handed it over to his new aCMO before he continued.  "Our destination is the moon of PI ALPHA III, it is a small, inhospitable world that will prove challenging on multiple levels. Doctor Doyanne has already been made aware of the possible medical issues that we will be faced with thanks to Commander Maya's detailed report. I have just handed you a copy of that report which I would strongly suggest you thoroughly read before our arrival."

"Are we expecting there to be injuries during this exercise?"  The Bajoran woman inquired, wondering if this was normal for Captain Morningstar to place his own people in a situation where they could be injured, especially in a situation meant to only put them to the test.

"It never hurts to be prepared, and this is meant in every way possible," Erik explained, recalling the words that were once spoken to him many years ago.  "The crew of the ANUBIS can be called upon at a moment's notice to act in situations that could very well shape the entire quadrant and beyond.  I need every member of this crew to be ready to act and react to anything that gets thrown our way.  I personally do not wish for any one to get hurt, but alas the universe we deal with is far from being kind."

"I understand, Sir." Seska acknowledge, not wanting any of her questions or even uncertainties to be visible.

"I could go on for a few hours and tell you about all of the dangers that we might face, but in the end I would have only scratched the surface," the Native American continued, this time coming across as friendlier than before.  "We all have better things to do though, so read the information and do your best to enjoy your time on the ANUBIS.  Make the best of each hour and day that you are given  We may be all a little crazy, but believe it or not, that is what allows us to make it through each day."

"Thank you Sir," the Bajoran aCMO replied as she glanced at the PADD now in her hands. "I will do my best to contribute to this crew in every way possible."

"I know you will," Erik offered with a faint smile dancing on his lips.  "That's why you are here and not on some routine patrol ship safe inside Federation space."

USS ANUBIS, Deck 1, Captain's Ready Room
Stardate: 30147.1600

The door chime rang once more, drawing the Native American out of his reading.  For Erik being a CO meant that he never was off duty or unable to be reached by any member of his Senior Staff.  "Come in," he stated, half hoping that there had not been another explainable situation that had transpired.

"Sorry to bother you Captain," the acting Executive Officer said as she stepped in and headed directly for the Captain's desk, the PADD in her hand already extended for the CO to take.  "Here are the latest findings on the turbolift malfunction that saw me arrive on Deck 10 instead of Deck 7.  Everyone is working hard to get to the bottom of this issue, but so far no one has come up with anything concrete as to a possible explanation.  I have asked Ensign Stark to look into the possibility of a sudden increase in the ship's power flow, maybe originating from an outside source.  I know that this is very unlikely, as I suspect that the systems of the ANUBIS are not that vulnerable to outside influences, but at this point I fear that there is no options that we can afford to overlook.  Lieutenant Paquette has taken it up herself to individually check each and every system to insure that this malfunction, whatever it may have been, does not spread to anything else.  Of course in doing so she is hoping to actually discover the initial cause.  I have every available crew member checking other options as well, just in case someone comes across something that may point us in the right direction."

"Thorough as always Commander," Erik acknowledged.  "I am certain that the solution to this problem will be found before we reach the PI ALPHA system."

"There is one other matter that I would like to bring to your attention," the CSO and acting ExO added, her words having slowed down by several warp factors hinting that this had been something rather important and troublesome to the Shillian.

"Go ahead Maya, I am sure that it can't be half as bad as you think it is," the Captain offered in an attempt to ease the woman's obvious concerns.

"It's about our mission to the moon of PI ALPHA III," Maya began, her words having regained some of their initial velocity.  "Well, actually it's about Ensign Shar'El and her role in that mission.  As Executive Officer it is my duty to keep a certain level of contact and supervision on each and every member of the Senior Staff.  In doing so I have discovered that she spends the greater part of her time in the IGC.  Now, as the ship's ILO it makes sense that her time be spent there, but we are not currently in a situation that demands the kind of dedication that she has demonstrated."

"You are afraid that since the exercise is partially meant to test the staff's ability to work as a group, that Enisgn's Shar'El apparent *isolation* is going to hinder that aspect of the mission," Erik said as he nodded his complete understanding.

"To be perfectly honest," the acting ExO added, "I am afraid that her desire to remain isolated might actually place other's lives at risk."

"Alright," Erik sighed. "I'll talk to her."

Maya grinned briefly.  "If you are planning on going up to the IGC, may I recommend that you take the Jefferies tubes... just in case."

Erik let out a loud laughter, never having expected his Chief Science officer to crack such a joke.  At least he hopped that she had been kidding.


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