"Analyze and Interpret"
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Setting: USS ABUBIS, Deck Thirteen, Personal Quarters
Stardate 30147.1615

Morningstar had given her a lot to think over, even more so was to what purpose or what role she was to play in all of this. As an officer in Starfleet, she had become accustomed to the nomadic sort of lifestyle that came with membership. The accommodations, while temporarily aboard the USS NILE, while minimal, had been adequate, though sparse. Comparing the habitations of the USS NILE to those aboard the USS ANUBIS, the latter allowed a much larger scale, nearly three times the size if her estimation of dimensional space was relatively accurate. While it had already been quite the eventful day, arriving on a new ship, under a new command, with a new mission. For the moment at least, all she really wanted or could ask for was some semblance of normalcy while providing time to process, even if just a moment or two, as the thought of a sonic shower appealed as a means to that very end.

When Seska had finished the cycle, she dressed in some half schemed hybrid of Vulcan attire embroidered with native orchids and Bajoran tailoring dyed an array resembling that of spring at twilight. Her taste in clothing was far from fashionista, it was comfortable, while instilling some form or degree of intentional provocative insight. Lastly, gracing her right ear, was the symbol of the Mi'tino D'jarra, and affixed her communicator as it was placed left. Not worrying to examine herself even once over in a mirror, taking her personal PADD in her arms, departed the confines of her haven. 
Setting: USS ABUBIS, Deck Fifteen, Crew Lounge
Stardate 30147.1640

Stepping quietly about the area, it was silent, devoid of any other crewmen, Seska grinned as her tongue flicked an audible snap of contentment before slipping to a replicator station on the far wall. "Computer, Milaberry Synthale, chilled." It was this that always reminded her of something a rather charismatic Ferengi once spoke in her company. *Never trust ale from a god-fearing people.* Now, it forever remained a reminder of him, of a time so long ago and far away it seems. Her reminiscence swiftly interrupted by the systems inquiry. =/\= Please specify temperature. =/\= The moment vanished as she was called back to the present reality. "Five point five C." When it materialized, she moved, taking the libation in her hand, the entire place which was hers alone, at least for awhile, only to begin settling herself in to a seat. Mizore thought it might be worthwhile to do a little surveillance and reconnaissance of her own, to better acclimate herself with her new ship as well as a little more detailed synopses of the officers on her list.

Seska steeled herself for what would be a long night, if the inclination in the back of her mind was any indication. Her breath became calm, rational in preparation for the operation she was about to perform. Her recent exploits into Vulcan ideology had done much in providing her the means to deal, not only with herself, in contrast, with others as well. To see the series of complex logical patterns in all things. It was a practice she had not completely adopted, instead, expanded to include, more over, adapting it to her own. It had been prime among skills or talents taught to and learned by her, when it came to repressing the memories of the Prophets to her. Omnipresent in her surface thoughts, eternally existing at the edge of her consciousness.

"Computer, please access all medical data including all confidentiality sensitive material on currently displayed list of officers aboard the USS ANUBIS. Captain Erik Morningstar. Chief Operations Officer, Ensign Jayson Stark. Chief Science Officer and acting First Officer, Lieutenant Commander Maya. Chief Engineering Officer, Lieutenant JG Sonja Paquette. Chief Medical Officer, Ensign Lillie Doyanne. Counselor, Lieutenant JG Eve Dalziel. Intelligence Liaison Officer, Ensign Shar'el." Allowing a temporary cessation, as her twin tinted eyes surveyed the room, taking a sip of the synthale. =/\= Security clearance authorization required. =/\=

Maintaining her equanimity, she continued. "Authorization Mizore Papa Seven Five Two Eight Six." While in waiting, Seska had thought to extend her request a little more. "Include current locations, as well as active visual records since stardate 30147.1301, compensate for the omission on the part of Captain Erik Morningstar. Link all available resources to this location on my personal access display device." While the information was transferred, she finished what little was left of her refreshment, taking one more before the real test commenced. =/\= Authorization Confirmed. Define parameters for the nature and basis of your request, Doctor. =/\= Returning to her previous sitting position, a single shallow sigh slid from her lips. "Observation, initial examination, and individual assessment." Her sight had fallen back to the dimly lit screen before her, though her perceptions continuously aware of the atmosphere in her proximity.

=/\= "Counsellor Dalziel to Doctor Mizore." =/\= A new voice sounded over communications, it was nice to be addressed by a senior officer quite so soon after her arrival, which was not only unexpected, but well received. "This is Doctor Mizore." Having responded in kind with her words carrying a tone of concern as to whether there had been a medical emergency that required her attention. =/\= "I apologize but I'm running late for our appointment." There was a short break in the transmission, no doubt Eve was currently preoccupied or involved with some matter of importance that required her attention. "Something has come up and I'll need to see the Executive Officer first." =/\= Attempting to express an understanding for the counselors situation for the moment, all she could offer was an open invitation to join her at her leisure, at such a time as suited her, at Seska's current location. "I will await your arrival, Counsellor. There are many things to do not mind attending to in the meantime. Mizore out."

Background processes clocked as the archives came like torrents, bringing with them six audiovisual displays in perfectly rendered high definition. In one scene, Stark could be seen going over entire maintenance manifests with a single minded determination of one possessed, so focused. It was not a stretch for her to come to the realization, he possessed a passion, and was the very definition of consumed with dedication to his work. One could not ask for or would be hard pressed to find a better Chief of Operations. A close inspection of his medical history, Mizore noted a recent amendment to his psychological profile involving someone called Leena, by Counselor Dalziel. A condition she might take some time to address and familiarize herself with, though she wasn't that sort of doctor. She who could scarcely master her own mind, was hardly the one to air or assist another in similar situation.

Her attention turned toward Maya on screen, who she had now met and been in direct contact with, Seska was only starting to attain a generalized knowledge about her from first hand experience. The acting First Officer was slightly eccentric, excitable, meticulously driven in the pursuit of science, yet who saw the beauty in each new revelation.

In another projection, was Paquette, in typical engineering yellow, placed on the floor amidst the dismantled remnants of a turbolift, in the presence of some strangely unfamiliar entity. "Computer, identify subject with Lieutenant Paquette in Main Engineering at the time 1345." Magnifying the image to notice the finer details of the woman in the company of the Chief Engineer, styled lavender hair with deep brown eyes. =/\= That is the USS ANUBIS proprietary avatar known as ANI. A physical machination of the Main Computer, composed of an incredibly high density polycarbonate alloy exoskeletal frame under a synthetically grafted bio regenerative layer. =/\= Seska, upon hearing even the elementary explanation, had more questions now than her previous inquiry, something she made sure to investigate more perhaps another day. "So, essentially, when I issue a command, I am effectively speaking to her?" The onboard system responded without haste. =/\= Affirmative. =/\=

Seska looked about, with a significant sense of interest openly visible on her expression. Once more returning to watch Eve seemingly roaming capriciously while patrolling about the USS ANUBIS. Which appeared rather uncharacteristic even with the little known about her, except that she had been a commissioned officer in Starfleet for approximately two years possibly more, and no formal or legitimate evidence of any position or station she has ever held prior to stardate 30073. Mizore was becoming so involved in witnessing Eve's activity, she herself had almost not realized the pending mark demanding her attention. In iridescent blue Bajoran ideograms, the flash located below the animated picture. *Cardassian* 

Referring back to the unabridged medical report on Eve, it was all there, every last horrid detail. Instantaneously, her face lost all pigmentation, her heart skipped repeatedly, Seska reacted as if struck to her core by unseen force, a foul taste starting to rise in her mouth. Nothing could have altered her spirit as swiftly or entirely distorted her aura, twisting her visage into an unlikely fusion of apathy and hostility directed to extremes at her kind rather than Eve herself. Though, she assured herself, swearing to herself and the Prophets, that she would honor Starfleet, and it would not prevent her from her duty or affect her performance.

As the womans course converged to its zenith in Main Engineering. Vigilant from her secluded perspective within the lounge, that still remained empty except her alone, which was a small albeit welcome consolation to the peace of personal solitude, especially after uncovering a Cardassian among the staff. Overseeing the entire verbal exchange between Dalziel and Paquette over the Intelligence Officers alleged benign misdirection of the localized transport system. If both Eve and Sonja had their suspicions, and were closer to the Shar'El than she was, what sort of woman was she, leaving Seska to speculate. Inspired by the entire unassuming trail left behind by the sequence of events, slowly creating a ripple effect, a traceable configuration of coincidences leading to cause and effect. Bringing the focus of her attention to converge on to the Liaison.

Shifting the view to a mostly hollow expanse, where darkness existed and light barely endured, reminding Mizore of some forgotten neon lair or sanctum from centuries past, with walls of countless monitors scattered, encompassing the lone pale figure of a woman, effortlessly operating several consoles, accessing command functions, and controlling various systems at her disposal. Executing every routine without error, the obvious recipients of her fascination scryed from several angles. Seska recognizing only two targets in question on the wall with any certainty. Several scans of herself carefully analyzed and studied in depth as she had transported on the USS ANUBIS, and the covert manipulation to the internal workings of a singular turbolift, leaving *almost* no discernible history excluding the residual visual imagery of the Intelligence Officer's entire involvement.

Singlehandedly identifying and resolving the obscure riddle of the dysfunctional turbolift, brought a wild sense of satisfaction to her, dispelling the sentiment toward the Cardassian present on the vessel, until such time as she is reminded of the fact. Standing to her feet, placing anything left into matter reclamation, where shadows seemed to move and dance just outside the range of her vision, that generally preceded the warmth of life as it entered within. the entrance to the recreation facility slid open.

Gwen Spellblade
Ensign Mizore Seska
Assistant Chief Medical Officer