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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 63072.1410

The redheaded Commanding Officer of the USS ANUBIS had begun to pace around the Bridge her impatience and general lack of knowledge as to the situation onboard the USS LANCELOT having taken it toll.  It had been one hour since the away team had set foot onboard the derelict vessel and despite the fact that there had been an open channel the ILO had maintained radio silence, a decision that Captain Rikar had not been ready to overrule… at least not yet.

The good news had been that the Oltharian CEO had manage to bring the ANUBIS' transporters back online, a fact that unfortunately had not helped all that much since the interference generated by the GUMBARA Nebula had made it impossible to get any sort of target lock.  Trying to beam someone from the LANCELOT would have been like using a spear to catch a gold fish in an ocean of crude oil… on the other hand trying to send someone over ran the risk that they would materialize inside a wall, floor or into a section without atmosphere.

"Captain," the Shillian called out from the science station.  "I'm sorry, I have tried everything but there is just no way to establish an uplink with the LANCELOT's computer.  From what I have been able to gather their sub-space communication's array is inoperative, so we would need to establish a physical connection to have access to their computer."

It had been easy to see that the CO had been disappointed by the news, an uplink to the LANCELOT's computer would have made things a great deal easier in trying to figure out what had been happening over there.  Rikar eventually nodded her acknowledgement of the report and even forced a weak smile to appear on her pink lips… Maya had done her best, as she always did.

"Maybe we are going about this the wrong way," the Chief of Operations offered as he turned away from his work station for face the standing redheaded woman.

"Explain," Rikar demanded with a distinct tone of impatience in her voice.

"Even if we could establish a uplink with the LANCELOT's computer it is very likely that it would be of little help," Ensign Thomas explained.   "The ship has obviously suffered extensive damage and is would be reasonable to guess that the computer is in a similar condition."

"What are you suggesting?" The CO inquired while she hoped that the COO had indeed an alternate plan.

"The reason why we cannot use the transporters is because there is no way for us to get accurate sensor readings," Elliot stated.  "What if we were able to get the precise locate one of their transporter platforms?"

"That would, in theory, allow us to use our transporter system to beam to and from the LANCELOT without any danger," the Chief Science Officer confirmed, an enthusiastic grin having formed on her features… obviously the Shillian had endorsed the idea.

"We could ask Commander Enaii to locate one of the transporter rooms and hope that we can get an accurate set of coordinate from her signal," the CO offered somewhat reluctantly, the idea of breaking the radio silence with the away team not having been an appealing thought.  Aside from going against the ILO's standard Modus Operandi any attempt to communicate with the away team carried the risk of interrupting them during some crucial or potentially dangerous time.

"Actually Captain," the COO began as he tilted his head ever so slightly to one side.  "If we could set a line-of-sight uplink directly against the LANCELOT's sensor array, we should be able, in theory, to have a signal travel back to one of their transporters."

"The advantage with this would be that the LANCELOT's transporter would not need to even be operational," the Shillian added.  "Of course the draw back would be that there is no way for us to specify which transpoter room we would be utilizing as the signal would travel through the undamaged circuitry in order to arrive at *a* destination."

"It may not be perfect," the redheaded woman grinned, "but it is a plan, and it sure is better than us doing nothing.  Ensign Thomas, looks like you're heading back to Main Engineering… get Elan to help with the uplink and let me know the moment it is ready."

Elliot jumped out of his chair and made his way to the nearest turbo lift… apparently happy with the idea of working with the Oltharian CEO once again.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Main Engineering
Stardate: 63072.1420

The moment Ensign Thomas had explained the plan to the towering Chief Engineering Officer, the two of them had jumped onto the task.  In mere minutes the COO had watch the Oltharian's fingers fly over the controls to not only locate the LANCELOT's sensor array but also establish a preliminary uplink.

"Nicely done big guy," Elliot commented… a little in awe as to the speed with which the CEO had accomplished the task.

"Thank you," Elan replied, his eyes never having left the engineering readouts.  "Now all we need to do is figure out a way to test the uplink and see if the transporter room we reach onboard the LANCELOT is a safe one."

"I believe that I can be of assistance on this matter," Annie, the ANUBIS' Avatar announced as she approached the two men.

"No," Elan promptly countered, the idea of risking his ultimate creation having been rejected the instant it had been proposed.  "We can send ROVER, or someone in an EVA suit," the Oltharian added.

"You of all people know that ROVER's sensors are not meant for this kind of work," Annie ever so calmly explained.  "Also it is clear that time is against us, so sending me over to the LANCELOT is the only logical option.  You can set the transport sequence to beam me back after one minute, that would give me more than enough time to obtain a detailed survey of the room and nearby areas.

It had been easy to see that the Oltharian had not been comfortable with the Avatar's suggestion, but despite his feelings Annie's logic had been irrefutable.

Before Elan could say something else, the Avatar interjected, "I appreciate your concern for me, but there is nothing to worry about… even if the room is open to the vacuum of space, I will return to the ANUBIS unharmed.  Your attention to details in my construction have insured this."

The Oltharian bowed with respect as he conceded the argument.

"Engineering to Bridge," the COO called out as he tapped his comm badge.

=/\= Go ahead Ensign, =/\= the Captain replied having easily recognised the voice of the Chief of Operations.

"Lieutenant Fairborn and I are proceeding to Transporter Room 7 to test the uplink," Ensign Thomas announced, the two men having already set underway with the Avatar immediately behind them.

=/\= How are you planning on insuring that everything is as it should be for a safe transport? =/\= The CO inquired, not willing to take more risks than they already had.

"Captain," Elan offered, the giant's voice echoed a level of concern that the Captain had seldom heard, yet she had also been able to detect an equal level of confidence and support.  "Annie has volunteered."

=/\= Understood.  Report back as soon as you have the results.  Rikar out. =/\=

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 14, Transporter Room 7
Stardate: 63072.1430

"You may energize when ready," the Avatar stated as she stepped onto the transporter platform, fear not having been part of the artificial woman's programming.

Ensign Thomas quickly took position at the controls and after having verified that the uplink had indeed been established initiated the transport.

Elan just stood between the controls and the platform, each second that passed doing so at an excruciatingly slow pace.  Annie had been right, she had been the logical choice for this test, still the Oltharian had wished that there had been another way, one that had not placed the ANUBIS' Avatar in direct danger.

"Fifty eight... Fifty nine... Sixty seconds… Energizing," the COO announced to the delight and terror of the Oltharian whose eyes had never left the platform from which Annie had been beamed away on.

The moment the Avatar re-materialized, she stepped down the platform and approached the visibly concerned CEO.  "Well done," Annie stated in a Vulcan-like manner.  "The transport was successful and the transporter room onboard the LANCELOT is secured."

Elan smiled as only an Oltharian of his size could.

"Perfect," Elliot chimed in before he reached for his comm badge once more.  "Ensign Thomas to Captain Rikar… it worked.  We can start beaming people to and from the LANCELOT.  We can set the transporter to initiate a beam-back protocol every 5 minutes, taking anyone on that platform back to the ANUBIS since communications are unreliable."

=/\= Perfect… Ensign Thomas, you and Lieutenant Fairborn are to beam over and see if there is anything you can do to help stabilize the LANCELOT or at the very least make it easier for us to get everyone off that ship ASAP. =/\=

"Understood Captain, Thomas out."
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