"Loving Reminders"
[Continued from: "Finding the Intruder"]

- True love stories never have endings (Richard Bach)

- Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation (Khalil Gibran)

Setting: USS HATHOR, Bridge
Stardate: 63076.1955


Hex sighed as the mission briefing ended, watching as her fellow crew mates slowly drifted off to their own areas of expertise. As they dispersed, the Kzinti approached her CO and waited a moment to speak until he was done with what it was he was working on. Her ear twitched when his voice cut into her thoughts.

"I can tell that there's something you'd like to say to me" the man commented, chuckling as he noticed that his intuition had again startled the cat-like humanoid "I'm not going to bite, just let me know what's on your mind."

Taking a breath to calm her nerves, the officer stood straighter and tried for a slight smile "I... I was wondering how exactly you were thinking of approaching our objective."

The captain stopped for a moment and looked over at the waiting woman, a look of mischief in his eyes "Well, you'll have to wait and see now won't you?"

Annoyance perked the Kzinti slightly, but she had to admit that the CO's ways were a comfort. The human's comments and jokes were what reminded Hex so much about her very first Commanding Officer, Sabrina Rikar. Upon having heard that she was well and in VALLA ROYAL, the huntress wondered if their paths would cross during the time of the mission. Now though, it seemed much more likely for the other group to do so in her place.

As Hex moved back to her station, she noticed Aki and Elliot gazing at each other from their posts, seeming to be lost in their own worlds. Seeing them like that, engulfed in a world only they belonged to, reminded her of something. As the Kzinti tried to remember, the pain came and pulsed behind her cat-like eyes. With determination, the officer pushed back the pain to reveal to herself a memory, one meant for her eyes only...


"When is the wedding?" the young grey Kzinti chuckled, rightfully deserving himself a face full of sand as Hex glared at him from where she sat on the ground.

"There won't be one and you know it, I'm not marrying someone I don't love." the female commented scornfully, preparing another handful of sand to be tossed if her statement was challenged.

The older Kzinti laughed and raised his arms over his head in defense "Okay, okay I get it, no more sand. I have to get clean one of these days you know!"

"As if that will ever happen..." Hex mocked, getting herself some sand in the face as well.

Laughter erupted from both youths as they tossed the sands back and forth at each other.  Soon enough they both grew tired, having covered each other in dust and grim before sitting again with heaving breaths. The male Kzinti watched his friend as she gently pulled sand from her hair and sighed.

"So you really are leaving then?" he questioned, a note of pain obvious in his tone.

The ear of the other Kzinti twitched as she turned to face him sadly "It won't be forever, once I graduate and make a bit of a name for myself I'll come back and find you... I swear I will..." after saying it, the female realized she had not even managed to fool herself.

"If you come back, they'll make you marry and you know it." the boy noted, kicking up the sand nearest him in frustration.

"I know that... I wish it was different, that I could choose."

"Oh yeah? Who would you choose then huh?"

The silence was almost deafening as a deep blush spread out over the younger Kzinti's face.  Stuttering for something to say, the male just sighed and moved closer. A single movement was all it took to take the blushing female's face in his hand and turn her to him as he gently placed a kiss onto her cheek.

"Don't answer now, you'll regret it if you do..."

Both were silent as Hex merely wrapped her arms around her friend and sighed in comfort, taking advantage of his warmth. If there was anyone to miss on the planet the furred humanoid was soon to flee from, it was her friends. Though she had only ever made two, they had impacted her life more then either of them could ever realize or be repaid for.

"Thank you... for everything..." it seemed like an empty comment, something as simple as words would never be able to betray the Kzinti's true feelings for the boy sitting next to her, and after tomorrow, it would be too late...


Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, Hex sighed at the memory. It had been mere days till take-off when she finally realized her feelings for one of her oldest friends. Sadly, seeing as he wasn't a High Priestess's son, her family... and possibly the entire planet would disapprove.

With a sigh the huntress brushed gently by and chuckled "Instruments won't run themselves you two, keep the lovey-dovey stuff for VALLA ROYAL, as I've heard you're going to need it.

Let me know when you have some Intel on the murder victim though."

Ensign Mitshiba blushed a moment and nodded, grinning at ET before looking away and back to her console "I'm almost done, there's not much, but I'll let you both know in just a minute."

Ensign Fanggot nodded and returned to her station to wait. Even if it wasn't her part of the mission, Hex wanted to gather as much Intel about what they needed as possible in case their team had to use something to their advantage. Aki happened to call her back over just as her mind was wondering back to that day from her previous thoughts on infiltration and recovery. Thankful, the furred humanoid moved to her side to hear what needed to be said.

Ashley Shane

Ensign Hex Fanggot
Chief Sec/Tac officer


Kzinti Honeymooner