"Guilt and Ideas"
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Setting: USS LANCELOT, Corridor
Stardate: 63072.1400


Although seriously shaken from all she had already endured, the Kzinti kept pace with the rest as they continued down the corridor and away from the engineering room. The turbolifts weren't far, as the captain had noted, but Hex seriously doubted that they'd find much there but fried wiring systems like what she'd seen on the bridge. She didn't fully trust manually guided pods.

The bridge... just thinking of her ex-crew mate made the officer's stomach did a sort of flip-flop and crunched in on itself. Though she meant it as a good natured joke at the time, Hex kept thinking back to Aki's words while they were on the bridge.

[["Next time you discover missiles heading our way, try and give us a little more than a few seconds' warning."]]

How could that be possible? The Ensign barely managed to tell them when she did, extra time was impossible. Hex knew it was true and she held nothing against the Terran, but she held everything against herself.

What if she could have detected the missiles sooner? Would Drell have been able to move them soon enough? The Kzinti would never know. She mentally shook herself for going into her trance-like auto pilot. She might have been able to save them...

Everyone was surprised when the rhythmic banging that echoed throughout the ship resumed after the sound of the decompression.  Whatever had been out there in space trying to gain access to the LANCELOT, it had not been alone. There was something out there, and it didn't sound friendly. Could it really be pirates? Then, and idea struck her. What if the enemy didn't want to kill - only to maim. To weaken the ship and it's crew so that they could get to them easily.

It was possible, but a far-fetched idea that she was afraid to mention. Alas, her mouth betrayed her as usual and she ended up blurting out something anyway.

"What if they want us alive?" Hex said, turning a delicate pink when the eyes of the other three officers locked onto her.

"That would make sense..." Aki began, trying to think of something to say about her new found friend's outburst.

"Then why all the missiles? Six of those would have done us in easy." Drell noted, the look on his face either was surprise or grief, Hex couldn't tell.

"What if they had a secondary ship placed to intercept some of the missiles, to make us afraid or something..." Hex trailed of mid-sentence, he idea no longer seemed so good.

"Possible," the Captain replied, "but I don't think any ship would waste missiles just to scare a crew" he finished.

The Kzinti hung her head, dismayed that her idea was a bad one after all. They returned to focusing on the task of getting to the engineering room, and all was silent. The CSciO briefly put her hand to Hex's shoulder in a show of support before continuing her walk.

The fuzzball got lost in her thoughts, the captain was right about it being useless, but she couldn't think of any reason that their attackers would stay around after shooting the missiles. If their goal was to render the ship useless and crew hopelessly lost, it would have been done even if they only hit once.

Hex thought hard, the only reason a ship would stay after an attack that was so devastating was if they wanted something from the ship, but then why had they been trying so hard to render it to pure space trash?

Nothing was making sense, and she refused to offer her thoughts to the group again in case her ideas were shot down. The Kzinti couldn't ignore the feeling she had though, they were definitely coming to finish the job their missiles had failed to complete.

Concentrate, that's all she needed to do. Hex quickly followed the others down the halls, sighing with relief that her outburst seemed to be momentarily forgotten and hoping desperately that what was *more than 67% of the ship* that was currently opened to the vacuum of space, was no where near their next destination.

Ashley Shane
Ensign Hex Fanggot
Sec/Tac Officer