"Still Looking"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck A-4, IGC
Stardate: 30147.1400

The delay that the acting First Officer had been forced into by the ILO had served its purpose. From the IGC, Shar'El had been able to assess how the ANUBIS' new aCMO had dealt with the unexpected absence of an officer to greet her.  The situation as a whole had been minor by any measure, but it had been sufficient to see how Ensign Seska Mizore acted and reacted when confronted with something outside of normal expectations.

Seska had proven herself to be both professional and a Starfleet officer through and through. Of course that had not been such a surprise when considering that the crew members of the ANUBIS were all hand picked by none other than Admiral Koniki.  The aged man had come across as not being one to make any sort of decision lightly or on a whim.

Still in the safety and seclusion of the IGC, Shar'El followed the ExO and aCMO as they moved about the ship.  Maya had of course brought Seska to Sickbay to introduce her to Lille before escorting the new officer to her quarters.  Shar'El saw on the large monitor how the new Doctor had smiled as the ExO went on about some very detailed matter.  It always took a little while for people to get used to the Shillian's way of sharing information, the woman being very thorough and quick in her verbal accounts.

Seska had almost appeared relieved when she was shown her quarters and left there to get comfortable before meeting the Captain. A distinct sigh was observed by the ILO as the doors closed behind the Ensign, isolating her from the rest of the ship and its crew.

There, in her quarters, would be where the next phase in the character research of Ensign Seska Mizore would take place.  To be perfectly honest, Shar'El enjoyed playing this sort of games and seeing people's reactions almost as much as she enjoyed looking into their memories.  Both were valid methods to learn more about someone, and although the latter had been more direct and efficient, the first had proven to be far more amusing in the long run.

Minor little items had been placed in the Ensign's room, items that would not have appeared as being out of place to anyone else but a very few Bajorans.  The replica of a silver plated religious symbol that would have been found in a specific temple before the Cardassians destroyed it. The replicas of a few wooden statuettes depicting what the Bajoran's believed the Prophets to be prior to the first occupation of BAJOR.

These and a few more items scattered throughout the quarters would allow Shar'El to further test the woman's character and see if the memories that had been implanted in her head by the Prophets had changed who she actually was.  As a Ullian, the ILO knew that memories were at the very foundation of what made a person who they were, but in this particular instance, the fact that the memories had not been hers presented Shar'El with a whole new set of possibilities.

On the large monitor the Bajoran aCMO could be seen trying to make herself more at ease in her new quarters, unaware that her every move and action had been carefully observed, studied and recorded by the ILO.

Tiffany Reeve

Ensign Shar'El
Intel Liaison Officer