"Finding the Intruder"
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"Love is an irresistible desire to be desired irresistibly."
- Robert Frost

Setting: USS HATHOR, Mess Hall
Stardate: 63076.1410


Intruder. All other thoughts had been placed on momentary stand-by as the Kzinti huntress searched through the Mess Hall for possible signs of unrecorded movement. Ears ready to hear even the slightest of sounds, the Sec/Tac officer searched. Hex felt somewhat jaded knowing that her concentration on this task was not only because of the fact that there was possible danger on the ship, but it was also influenced by her reoccurring need to focus on something... anything.

After having spoken with the ship's beloved counseller, though not much had been discussed, the young woman DID feel somewhat more at ease. The pain had not reared it's ugly head for at least the last few hours now, giving Hex the time to have chosen out her outfit and persona for the upcoming mission. Not knowing yet what her position would be, the Kztini choose an outfit that would suit any occasion.

Setting:USS HATHOR, Hex's Quarters
Stardate: 63076.0800

Finally, the long dreaded visit to the ship's shirk was over. Though Hex had to admit that she didn't mind in the least having seen and old friend again, the fact that bothered the Kzinti was that the meeting had been one of business, not leisure. This had somewhat clouded her mind to the possibility of good communication, something she knew she had to make up for later on. Until then, there was work to be done.

Looking over her previously chosen dress yet again, the huntress shuddered. The outfit she held before her was indeed perfect for the mission, but it held an importance and memory that she didn't want to remember. Not only that, but it was very ostentatious and you didn't have to be physic to know that something more rugged and battle-worn would suit the Kzinti officer far better than a dress. Though she would never admit such a thing, Hex did enjoy wearing pretty things when times called for it, but now?

"No choice... I have nothing else but my work attire and..." the woman trailed off, looking around what most would consider a disaster of a room "all this... no, it has to be this one. I can't be afraid forever..."

The Kzinti's ears flattened as she realized that she had yet again been talking to herself. Allowing a short growl to pass her lips, the furred humanoid put on the dress and modeled her disguise in the closest mirror. Examining her features, the officer had to admit that the dress was beyond beautiful. It fit her new persona perfectly, almost frighteningly so.

Hex Fanggot would now be known as Elizabeth, a young and gutsy Kzinti bride-on-the-run. As much as she loved her new disguise, it was something that had to be fixed just slightly to prevent people from recognizing the huntress from her missions prior. Leaning down to a small table nearest her dresser, the Ensign grabbed a pair of contacts and inserted them quickly changing her natural eye color to a deep ruby red. The Kzinti's hair was the last thing to deal with. With a deep sigh she pulled out a brush and a few bottles of chemicals and moved over into the small bathroom. About an hour later, the officer came out with a new look. It was one she herself couldn't believe in it's simple beauty.

Putting the contacts and dress aside for later, the woman rushed to go back to her station. Excitement building every second the mission crept closer.

Setting: USS HATHOR, Mess Hall
Stardate: 63076.1415

A sigh released from the strained lips of the female as her search ended unsuccessfully. A thought had accrued to her awhile earlier, but the Kzinti considered it fruitless to use the technology available to her when she had her finely toned senses. Obviously that line of thinking had been a mistake. With a new goal in mind, the officer set out to go and use the internal sensors to hopefully make her search more fruitful.

::Why am I thinking of fruits?:: the Kzinti wondered as she was about to exit the Mess Hall and return to her station to call up the information.

Deep inside the nearest vent, a small creature vainly tried to hold off a sneeze. All the dust from the Kzinti's movement had been sucked into the nearest vents, which she sadly occupied. Movement would mean detection, but a sneeze right now would be even worse. The Shillian wondered for a brief moment which would be a better risk to take and finally settled on waiting out the Kzinti seeing as she was about to leave anyway.

The mistake was that the Chief Security Officer had not accounted for a gust of wind to carry more overwhelming dust into the vent before that. A small sneeze was all it took to have the Kzinti officer's eyes glued to the vent, her ears perked up and muscles tensed, ready for an attack that wouldn't come. Raising herself from a defensive position to an offensive one, Hex prowled slowly over to the vent and hissed slightly "Out of there. Unless you want me to send something in after you then I suggest you come out." the officer's voice was demanding, but oddly gentle as she realized the outline of the shadow inside the vent was a small Trusa.

Before she was able to offer another word though, the small creature ran from view, deeper into the vent and out of the Kzinti's line of site. With a deep sigh the officer realized that she had maybe... possibly... over-reacted to thoughts of a full scale intruder. A Trusa wasn't much of an annoyance as it was interesting. The Kzinti made a mental note to search for the little creature later on, but until then she had her shift to report to.

With a small wave to the now empty ventilation shaft, Hex moved away and exited. Heading to her next shift with thoughts of non-painful Trusa traps.

Ashley Shane

Ensign Hex Fanggot
Chief Sec/Tac officer


Kzinti Honeymooner