"Worse Than Expected"
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<<People are made of flesh and blood and a miracle fibre called courage.>>
- Mignon McLaughlin, The Neurotic's Notebook, 1960

Setting: USS LANCELOT, Main Engineering
Stardate: 63072.1350

The Native American stepped out of the Jefferies Tube and into the LANCELOT's Main Engineering closely followed by Ensign Fanggot, Mitshiba and Drell. The group was quickly greeted, and as warmly as could be, by the Vulcan CEO who appeared to be the only one present in the room.

"I am relieved to see you all alive," Sartek announced unemotionally, the Vulcan Ensign having remained true to his heritage despite the fact that this had been the first contact with any other members of the crew outside of the Engineering Department since the missile had impacted against the CAVALIER-Class vessel.

"We are very *happy* to see you too," Ensign Mitshiba said in a teasing, yet heartfelt manner, not having had any issues about the display of *her* emotions.

"Are you alone?" The Klingon Flight Control Officer inquired while he glanced around the room which displayed extensive damage.

"Only five other members of the Engineering staff survived the attack," the Vulcan replied, his tone of voice not having wavered in the least. "We all have been busy trying to restore essential systems, but the damage to the ship has proven to be far too extensive for us to consider restoring primary power. The main computer is barely functional, working at only 18 percent, and we had to steal several component from the engineering sub-processors in order to bring it up to that point," the CEO reported then paused for a few seconds before he continued. "The sub-space transmitter was damaged beyond repair as were the emergency beacon and life support system. Internal sensors and communications are also inoperative, the only indication we were able to obtain as to the condition of the ship was to use the readouts on the emergency bulkhead deployment. More than 67% of the ship is currently opened to the vacuum of space, either directly or indirectly due to structural damage."

Erik took a moment to absorb the information that had just been relayed to him. As bad as he had expected things to be after having seen the extent of the damages to the LANCELOT the Native American had avoided to envision the situation having been this bad. Without a sub-space transmitter there had been no way for them to contact Starfleet, without life support it had been only a matter of time before the lack of oxygen and heat would mean their demise. Last but not least the extent of the damage to the ship had also meant that the LANCELOT had been unable to move in anyway, shape or form, leaving it to silently float while hidden inside a sensor-dampening nebula to be rescued.

"What about that last decompression we heard a few minutes ago?" The Native American inquired, his thoughts now more than ever in saving those members of the crew that had survived.

"Deck 15, Section 19, Starboard-Aft," the Vulcan Ensign reported after having verified his barely functional instruments. "It appears as if one of the emergency bulkheads failed, but since partial auxiliary power had just been restored, force fields were established to stop the loss of atmosphere."

"We need to get everyone together if we are to survive until help arrives," Morningstar stated, the look in his eyes leaving no doubt in anyone's mind that the Commanding Officer had not given up hope nor did he expect anyone else to do so.

"Can you restore power to the turbolifts? It would make it a lot easier to search the ship for survivors and bring them all together, thus conserving heat and power."

"Already done Sir," the Vulcan announced, "but due to the computer's condition the turbolift pod will need to be guided manually."

"Hold on," the Kzinti Ensign said as she took a step forward and held her right hand up. "Maybe I misunderstood you earlier, but didn't you say that internal sensors were not working?"

"That is correct," the CEO nodded.

"So how are we planning on *navigating* the turbo lift pod?" Hex continued, obviously having realized that this had been a major issue.

"We will have to rely on tricorder readings," Morningstar explained as he reached for one of the devices in question which had been resting on an engineering console.

"This should be fun," the CSciO offered sarcastically as she glanced to her Kzinti friend.

"Sartek," Ensign Fanggot snarled. "Do try to set the turbolift to *slow*. I would rather the trip took longer rather than for us to run into a collapsed tunnel or worse end up floating in space.

"I will do what I can," the Vulcan CEO acknowledged.

"Perfect," the Native American exclaimed, "Drell, Fangott, you two grab a pulse rifle from over there," the CO said as he pointed to an emergency weapons locker. "If we are dealing with scavengers, I want us to be ready to offer as much resistance as possible." 
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