"Ghostly Problem"
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The New Arrival"]


Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 30147.1330

With the arrival of the new aCMO done and over with, the ANUBIS had resumed its course.  The wake-up call in the early hours of the morning of the second day had already been forgotten. Still, it had an unpleasant event that made Jayson's list of things he had not cared for during that day.

At the end of the second day, the Ops officer had made another entry in his personal log as per Counsellor Dalziel's recommendation.  In it he had mentioned that a smile from the ship's Doctor as their paths crossed had been the highlight of the day. With the third day more than half way through, Jayson hoped that tonight's entry would be about something more involving.

So far though, the OPS officer had not come across anything worthy of mentioning in his log. The malfunction of the turbolift that was recorded on his instruments had caught his attention though. He had heard Commander Maya instruct the computer to take her to transporter room 3 on Deck 7. The order had been clear and simple enough. There had been no apparent reason for the pod to stop on Deck 10 instead, three full decks out of the way.

Lt. Paquette had been sent on the quest for an answer when the initial diagnostics showed that nothing had been wrong with any of the systems.  Everything, from the computer to the physical components of the turbolift had checked out.

Stark knew that problems and malfunctions were a normal thing on space ships as large and complex as the one they were on. That said, the Ops officer could not simply accept that the turbolift had just decided to not work as designed for no reason.  Not unless the ship had suddenly become haunted in some way.

The problem had not been his to investigate, so he found comfort in the knowledge that the CEO would get to the bottom of this.  With no other pressing matters for him to focus on, Jayson concentrated on insuring that no other system would malfunction. Even if it meant for him to be looking for ghosts. Maybe this had been another way for their CO to test their skills and expertise. If it had not been, the alternative had been that something beyond their ability to detect had been tempering with the ship.

That idea had not been a pleasant one at all. If it was to be proven true, it would certainly make Jayson's list of things he did not at all cared for. Just thinking of the 685 crew members aboard the ANUBIS who depended on the ship's proper working had been scary enough.   

Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark