"The New Arrival"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck A-4, IGC
Stardate: 30147.1300

The unknown. That had been one of the many reasons why Shar'El had been tracking the USS NILE for more than an hour.  It had also been why she had scanned the transport ship for one specific Bajoran woman when it had come into range and why she had been curious to see this new officer beam on board.  The file on Ensign Mizore Seska had been, as all Starfleet dossiers, very thorough in their details, but the ILO believed there to be a lot still to be discovered.  Afte all, there had been a large portion of time in he woman's life that had remained a complete mystery, an unknown element that Shar'El hoped to break open.

Captain Morningstar had dispatched his acting First Officer to greet the new arrival, which had been standard procedures. It was after all the duty of the ExO to welcome new officers and deal with the general crew of the ship. What Maya had not counted on had been an unexpected malfunction of the turbolift which caused her to arrive three desks off her intended destination.  The CEO, who would be called to look into this at some point in the near future, would find nothing to explain the strange occurrence, Shar'El had made sure of that.  All that the ILO had wanted to do was to see how their new aCMO would react to the unexpected situation.

Seska's file had made it rather clear that she upheld the ideas and methods of the Federation to almost an extreme.  From experience the ILO had learned that those who lived and worked by the strictest of routines were the ones who usually had the most difficult time dealing with the unexpected and the unknown.  This little test would be a painless way to see if the new aCMO had been amongst these type of people.

From the IGC, the Intel officer watched with great interest as the Bajoran materialized onto the platform. With the acting First Officer having been distracted, the ILO could have easily been there to get a quick peek into the new officer's memories. So Shar'El having stayed in the IGC had been a way to insure that the ILO would not succumb to he temptation.

The usually split-screen had been set to a single image, allowing the curious Ullian to see the Bajoran in perfectly digitized detail.  The nervousness in her eyes, the uncertainty in her stance, all of there and many more tale-tale signs had been carefully camouflaged.  Strangely enough, Shar'El found this visible sensation of unfamiliarity to be reassuring, a sign that like every other officer on board the USS ANUBIS, Seska had been a less than perfect being.

Shar'El would make a point to go visit her friend Lillie in Sickbay when both the CMO and aCMO would be present.  This would give Doctor Doyanne a way to help protect her own secrets while giving the ILO a perfect opportunity to look inside Seska's head.  Even if the simplest of surface scan of the woman's memories, a great deal of information could be gathered, allowing for questions to be answered.

After all, answering questions and pushing back the boundaries of the unknown had been one of the many reasons Shar'El had been here on the ANUBIS as the Intelligence Liaison Officer.


Tiffany Reeve

Ensign Shar'El
Intel Liaison Officer