"First Contact"
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Setting: USS NILE, Sickbay
Stardate 30147.11

"You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile. We will add your biological distinctiveness to our own."
-The Borg

Seska sat quietly at a desk reserved for her use in sickbay. Even though it was not an official Starfleet order, or active duty assignment, she would not sit around without any purpose, or some general agenda to fulfill. To say the USS NILE carried anything less than a full compliment of crew, would have been a fallacy. Still she offered her talents willingly, some might even say vigorously if the Commander had anything more to say about it. Her eyes scanned over mission reports, service records, entire medical histories, on a very specific list of officers, in significant detail, each one rendered in flawless Starfleet protocol. It was very dry, lacking any substantial depth or personal detail, though it did little to undermine her focus on the task.

::Dry:: The thought seemed to echo through her mind, remembering only then she had the replicator in the room synthesize spice tea moments ago, which still rested on the edge of the table in her periphery, still hot enough to condensate steam. When her attention left the PADD, bringing the tepid drink to her lips, her eyes caught the holographic image of her family at corner of the desk. Instantly her morale seemed to collapse at the sight of them. Having missed so much time with them, had almost broken her to tears, when Seska had originally been informed that twenty-three years of her life were lost, both the shock and exasperation returned sending her resolve spiraling inside.

Even with the incident, she was sated to know her mother Aurora and sister Seo were alive, doing quite well, and that her line had even grown to include Renate. Her own younger sister, Seo, somehow, even managed to make her own path into Starfleet. Very few things could have given Seska quite a sense of pride, which affected her expression, that gave way as she smiled lightly, if only for an instant. As emotions became a flood, most of all, an endless sense of regret, thinking that those she would have been so close with, were so foreign and alien, despite having accepted her as blood always would.

Though little changed in her demeanor, her thoughts lingered on her family. When she turned back to reading over Starfleet Command's files of her soon to be fellow crewmen once more. The omission of personal information left her with very little more than competent analyses of personnel on their individual missions, or methodical assessments of medical staff. ::What were they like in person?:: ::What sort of interests did they enjoy experiencing while off-duty?:: 

Mizore began to identify many of them with some little stereotype, witty anecdote, or notation. There was Captain Morningstar *The Ace* or *Rising Star*,then Ensign Stark the *Tragic Hero*, and Lieutenant JG Sonja Paquette was *The Legacy*, followed by Ensign Shar'El a *Lone Wolf*, and lastly Lieutenant JG Eve Dalziel *The Enigma*. It was the sparingly little information on Lt. Dalziel that caught Seska's interest most of all. As an officer in Starfleet with apparently two years of operational experience with no formal recorded information, or the vaguely detailed, brief history, aside from the very recent promotion from Ensign to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Something not soon forgotten, yet she was not overly suspicious of the lack of content on the subject, and decided it was not worthwhile to press the matter.

She had been so completely lost in thought while concentrating on the material displayed on the PADD, that she had not even realized her tea was now gone, and time slipped by along with it. She took one more look around confirming that was all she had not been attentive to. Rising from her seat, setting the device on the desk, easing into a light stretch before collecting her personal effects. "Computer, please state the current time." Slowly moving to the door, as it quietly opened into the interior of the ship, the response to her request sounded. =/\=Current time is 1150. =/\=
Setting: USS NILE, Personal Quarters
Stardate: 30147.1222

Seska had already assembled and prepared the scant few possessions she owned, ready to leave the USS NILE. Each one bringing the memories they carried with them to her mind. Her fathers phaser, which was now more for sentimental value, since taking the oath to do no harm, though it has been modified to comply with Starfleet regulations. The recent acquisition of a first edition 'The Call of the Prophets' by Akorem Laan. A massive silk wall cover containing the complete list of every known Bajoran prophecy in their entirety produced by Renate when she was only an apprentice weaver. The Vulcan meditation lamp that Ka'len had made specifically for her when she left, that she might continue her sessions. Seska added among them the holo image of her family, though without her, she felt it was incomplete, which was something she hoped to remedy one day.

Now that she would be leaving soon, she could not help feeling anxious, excited, even a little uneasy. ::Where was the fiery little girl who was no stranger to terror at a young age, or placed her life on the line in the fight against an entire species' claim on her planet?:: Despite now having the slightest sensation of fear as she was about to meet those among the crew of the USS ANUBIS, it was her first real assignment since joining Starfleet. ::What if they don't like me?.:: ::What if I don't fit in?:: The possibilities weighed heavily on her. Nonetheless, she would not let it affect her, much less stop her from making the most of the opportunity. Taking with her what little she acquired over the years, made her way toward the transporter room.
Setting: USS NILE, Transporter Room
Stardate: 30147.1259

Pressing a few fingers to her comm badge, Seska reported to the Captain, acknowledging she was ready. "Mizore Seska to the Captain, one to beam out." When the Captain responded, it caught her off guard. With such an obvious reference to her not so long ago past, she couldn't help but crack a smile, which both positively affected her state and improved her mood more than anyone could imagine. =/\= Live long and prosper, Seska. =/\= Then, giving an approving nod to the engineer at the transporter control, she raised her right hand and gave the Vulcan sign, almost laughing as the word escaped her mouth. "Energize."
Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck Seven, Transporter Room Three
Stardate: 30147.1301

Standing in unfamiliar territory aboard the USS ANUBIS, now among a foreign unknown crew, except whatever she had access to through proper medical clearance in Starfleet database. ::After all, being a doctor did have some benefits in that field.:: She thought slyly, as a smirk touched her features. Pressing her communicator to address her new commanding officer. "Captain Morningstar, this is Ensign Mizore Seska assigned to the USS ANUBIS as Assistant Chief Medical Officer." A momentary break, long enough to allow her to breath then exhale deeply, prior to continuing. "Will you require an officer dress inspection, Captain?"

Erik listened while he waited for the woman to finish, already she amused him as he began to laugh quietly, if only to himself. Seska executed every official Starfleet procedure to the letter as the situation called for. "Welcome aboard the USS ANUBIS Doctor. We can skip with all the formality for the moment. I will have the acting First Officer, Lieutenant Commander Maya, show you to your quarters, take you to sick bay, and work out a duty schedule. I expect you to report to my ready room on the bridge at 1500 where you will receive our mission briefing."
Gwen Spellblade
Ensign Mizore Seska
Assistant Chief Medical Officer