" Observations "
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Setting: VALLA ROYAL, Casino
Stardate: 63076.1800

The young woman cheered along with the rest of the gathered players and onlookers as the Dabo wheel stopped on a winning combination.  The role of the alluringly dressed redheaded had been to make people welcomed, comfortable, joyous in their winnings and most important daring in heir playing… and by the satisfied grin on the pit boss' lips; Samantha had been doing well.

The growing stack of chips that she had received as tips for her bringing luck to the players or just for being pleasant to the senses had also vouched for her skills in the role that she had been hired for.  Yet, as natural as this has seemed to come to the young woman, other… more deeply engraved skills were at play behind the scenes.

The Andorian at the poker table a few meters away had obviously been trying to hide from someone, his nervousness subtle yet inescapable… that he kept looking at the casino's entrance had also helped the redhead to figure that something had been unsettling the man.

On the upper level, one of the other Dabo girls currently on her break had been doing her best to politely discourage the persistent advances of a drunken Klingon.  Because of the policy of the VALLA ROYAL in catering to their guests' every wish, it was not uncommon for the girls to be left to fend for themselves in such situations.  The young woman had been forced to deal with such conditions on a few instances… luckily without any lasting incident due to Rikar's knowledge of alien physiology combined with a vicious hold of some specific sensitive extremities.

Near the bar, a Cardassian and Nausicaan were in the midst of a secretive transaction that had involved the exchange of an isoleniar rod and a small dark colored pouch.  Either the Casino's security had failed to see this or had elected to turn a blind eye to it for whatever reasons had been theirs at the time.

So the young woman continued to play the role that she had been given as best as she could… a role that she had actually wanted in the hopes that it would allow her to forget her past.  Unfortunately, like so many other things that people try to ignore of run away from, something always brought it back into full view… in this case her skills as an Intel Operative.

A new round of cheers erupted from around the Dabo table as yet another winning sequence was achieved… leading to more chips being given to the redhead along with a few suggestive proposals that she replied to with nothing more than a playful smile.

The young woman's attention suddenly focused on a new arrival to the casino… a person that she had heard enough about to know that she did not like his presence on the orbital space station… let alone the same room.  There had been something strange… almost evil about this *Mister Mortan*, and it was because of this that the redhead followed the man with great diligence.

It had been easy to see that the feeling Rikar experienced when this gentleman had been near was not a figment of her imagination… several patrons suddenly moving from where they had been standing to avoid having to deal with the suited man.  After a few moments of following Mister Mortan with her eyes, he unexpectedly stopped and met the redhead's stare.  His gaze reached to the young woman's soul and chilled it as if death itself had stood in front of her.

Unexpectedly, the gentleman smiled and turned around apparently to leave the casino without any undo ceremony.  Unsure why, Rikar felt the need to look up and find the Dabo girl she had early seen with the Klingon… the young woman's heart stopped in mid-beat when her search revealed no sign of the coworker.

With a reflex that belonged to someone with much more skill and training than the redheaded Casino employee should have had, Rikar grabbed hold of one of the waiters.  "Where's Kamlia?" the Dabo girl inquired uninterested in hiding the concern she felt through her entire body.

"I don't know… get back to your work," the Ferengi male forcefully replied as he pulled his arm out of the young woman's grasp obviously not at all caring for the whereabouts of one of their girls who could be called upon to leave at a moment's notice by any of the patrons.

Responding to a training and way of life that had not originated from this milieu, the redheaded woman quickly made her way to the nearest stairway and climbed up to the second level, her eyes darting to every corner of the casino in search for the missing Dabo girl.

"Samantha?" The casino owner called out as the redheaded woman nearly ran him over, "what are you doing up here?  Your shift at the Dabo table is not over and the costumers are not here to see you running around but for you to keep them company and encourage them to bet as much as their personal line of credit permits."

The young woman had been ready to challenge her employer regardless of what it might man for her new career, the feeling of dread having taken full control of her reason, but before she could say something another patron intervened.

"She's here for me," a young Pythron male announced, a playful smile on his lips and a few extra credits in his hands which he was more than happy to give to the owner to compensate him for any trouble that might have been caused.

"My most profound apologies Mr. Trodat, I had not realized that you were here…" the owner quickly offered as he bowed in respect taking several large steps backwards to give the Pythron Ambassador's son as much room as he desired.

"What's wrong?" The Pythron youth inquired of the redhead, impossible to ignore that something had been troubling her fair features.

"I'm looking for a friend," Rikar replied as she scrutinized their surroundings to no avail.

"Well," Trodat smiled happily, "you found me!  I can be a lot more fun than whatever friend you are looking for."

"I'm serious!" the young woman countered, a tone of urgency bordering on despair in her voice.

"I'm sorry," the young Pythron man offered, "Maybe I can help."

The young woman quickly thought of telling him everything she knew, everything she felt, but when Rikar recalled her last conversation with Trodat's father and the fact that she had seen the Ambassador speaking with Mister Mortan, the man she suspected in having had something to do with all this, the redheaded woman decided against it.

"It's alright," Rikar reluctantly said with a deep sigh.  "I am sure that she's just out with someone."

"If, she's anything like you," Trodat joked, "I would not expect to see her before late tomorrow morning."

As much as the young woman wanted to find something charming or flattering in the Pythron youth's words, her concerns for Kamlia had simply been impossible to push aside.  All that Rikar could do was to remain calm and continue to observe and listen; hopefully she would gather some Intel on the other Dabo girl's whereabouts.

Sabrina Jones

Samantha Rikar
Dabo Girl

Once known as…
Captain Sabrina Rikar
Commanding Officer