"Five More Minutes"

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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 2, Senior Officer’s Quarters (Wydran’s)

Stardate: 63146.0100


Ttosk slept peacefully in his bed, curled up into a semi-ball so his feet wouldn’t hang off the end of the bed.  Starfleet had obviously did not have the comfort of any Zaldans in mind when they designed starships.  Maybe that had been the reason why the towering FCO dreamt the way he did.

He was dreaming of himself being in much larger ship, a ship to which he could walk through a door without having to lower his head. The vessel that he had somehow found his way in seemed as if it was from Starfleet except the inside had been red and orange.  Beyond the colour difference there had been another welcomed dissimilarity – the ceilings had been a lot higher.

It was the end of his shift, so Wydran stood from his station and left.  No one seemed to be bothered by the Zaldan’s apparent joyful skip in his step as he made his way to, an entered the turbo.  Once inside he turned and offered a bright smile to those he had left behind, again to no visible reaction as if this had been all perfectly normal for the usually stoic character.

On his way back to his quarters, Wydran felt as if there was not a worry in the world for him, but as he entered his room … the giant hit his head on the frame.  As he stumbled into the room, the dreaming man felt as if the walls had begun to shrink down on him causing a certain level of panic to emerge.  When the walls were almost upon him, the sound of a red alert klaxon joined in on the nightmarish scene.

Ttosk suddenly awoke to flashing red lights and sirens to witch his only response was to pull the blankets over his head and said “five more minutes,” followed by a loud groan.

A few seconds later the Zaldan rolled out of bed and ungracefully crashed onto the floor.  With some effort he stumbled back to his feet mumbling and cursing all the while. Wydran promptly changed into proper clothing before heading to the Bridge and hopefully discover what the red alert status had been for.

Slowly becoming more awake as the turbolift raced to Deck 1, Ttosk grumpily thought to himself, ::Wonder if someone lost a sweet roll or something?::   The strange nature of the Ensign’s idea actually caused him to smile for an instant, a reaction that would remain unseen by all as it vanished the moment the doors parted open after the turbolift had reached it destination.



Scott Moll
Ensign Wydran Ttosk
Flight Control Officer