"The Long Night"
(Cont. from "Like Putting an Egg Back in Its Shell After You Have Made the Omelette")

Setting: USS LANCELOT, Bridge
Stardate: 63072.1245

Captain Morningstar and Ensign Drell had left the Bridge via the Jefferies Tube to survey the ship and search for other survivors.  Aki and Hex had stayed behind to try and get communications back online, the CSCiO having reasoned that if there was emergency power, they should be able to get a distress signal out.

All of the work stations at the back of the Bridge had been gutted to provide the needed pieces to bring the science station back into operational mode.  Aki did everything to keep her mind busy but still every once in a while she could not help herself and her eyes fell onto the first aid blanket that covered the lifeless form of Ensign White.

Life seemed so simple back at the Academy, and space so inviting.

That had been one of the reasons why Aki had found it so difficult to truly find a home onboard the USS ANUBIS.  The ship had been designed to deal with the darkest possible elements of the universe and despite her willingness to do her best; her heart had never been there.  Still there had been one aspect of that assignment that had made it possible for her to stay, that allowed Aki to get up each morning and face the darkness.  That had been until that one day when she walked into the Black Hole to see Elliot with another woman.

From that point on Aki had vowed to leave and never look back, to get as far away from the darkness of her past.  Yet the CSciO could not deny the immediate need she had to feel someone's arms wrapped around her, to comfort her, to make her believe that everything would be all right.

"We can tap into the emergency power feed," Hex said, her entire upper body lost inside one of the access panels.  "But that won't give us nearly enough to get a signal out, especially while inside this nebula."

"Maybe we could try and get a sensor sweep of the LANCELOT," Aki suggested, it would have been a shame to see all of their work gone to waste.  "At least that way we could give Captain Morningstar a status report on our condition."

"Not going to happen," Hex said as she pulled herself out from deep within the open panel.  "The sensor components are fused, the best we might hope for is a visual scan of the ship's outer hull."

"That would be great," the CO said as he and Ensign Drell returned to the Bridge.  "We came across several closed bulkheads, so our investigation of the ship was rather limited."

"Let's see what we can do," Aki said as she leaned over the science station and tried to channel what little power they had managed to steal from the emergency system into the console.  Slowly a barely visible static filled image appeared, too small to see details on the hull, but clear enough to survey the extent of the damages.

"Ouch," Ensign Drell winced as the visual scan came upon the Aft-Starboard section of the LANCELOT.  "That would explain all of the bulkheads."

Seeing what she just had, Aki found herself now more than ever wishing that she had not left the ANUBIS and Elliot as she had, without truly having said goodbye.

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Ensign Akira 'Aki' Mitshiba
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