"Fear of the Unknown"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 7, Main Sickbay
Stardate: 30146.0055


Dreams of the culinary art she could create swirled through the CMO's consciousness as she dozed quietly against the chilled surface of her desk. Having not been able to return to her quarters, the Ensign decided to continue work late past her shift. Weariness and fatigue had crept up on her like a viper slithering through tall grass and before she knew it the Ullian woman had fallen into a deep sleep her hand still clutching the CSO's PADD.

Suddenly her dreams shattered around her as though they had been nothing but precious glass and she bolted awake at her station. Lillie's eyes were met with a deep red hue filling the sickbay from one of the light overhead. As quickly as her dream-walking state allowed, the CMO pulled out a small but usable med-kit and rushed from her sanctuary to the Observation deck. Questions swarmed her mind, had someone been hurt? Was was happening?

Well, the Ullian would soon find out.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 1, Near Bridge
Stardate: 30146.0200

Staggering back to her post atop the fragments of her dream, the Terran-like woman could hardly contemplate what manner of twisted humor possessed their CO to awaken them all at such an hour. the Ullian wondered momentarily if all their red-alerts would be end this way. Thinking back on their briefing the Ensign shuddered at the prospect of having yet another recruit on board. More people meant less chance for secrecy.

Although fearful, the CMO was to some extent excited at the prospect of mentoring another to one day obtain her position. Even with the possibility of discovery looming like a dark cloud above her, the Ensign saw a small silver lining along the puffy exterior - a chance to be like her mother. Yasmina had in many ways been her daughter's idol during their occupation of the plague ship, and her technique's still showed in each and every medical procedure the younger Ullian preformed. Having been mentored in such a way left a deep impression on Lillie, one she hoped to transfer onto her newest aCMO.

Reality threatened to tear through her hopes as questions swam menacingly though the Ensign's thoughts. Like small piranha the questions nibbled and bit at her hopes. Would this new crew member realize her true race? If she did find out, how would the aCMO react? Ghostly fingertips danced down the woman's spine as the final question entered her mind. What would discovery mean for her children?

Newly determined, the CMO stood her ground a moment and let out a sigh she hadn't realized she was holding. This fresh face would not disorientate her, would not sway her from her resolve. The Ullian was here to build a better life for her children, for her people. Lillie would never allow even the slightest thing compromise all they had achieved.

A deep growl resonated from her stomach near the end of her inner monologue. Caught off-guard the Ensign tensed slightly before chuckling to herself. All those promises could hardly be kept on an empty stomach, the Ullian mused. Changing course, Lillie headed instead towards deck 16 and the promise of a satisfied hunger it held.

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Ensign Lillie Doyanne
Chief Medical Officer