"Peaked Curiosity"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck A-4, IGC
Stardate: 30146.0200

The unexpected. That was the heart and soul of life in Starfleet.  Some dealt with the unexpected nature of scientific discoveries, others with the unexpected mechanical problems associated with space travel.  For Shar'El though, her unexpected dealt with the randomness of people and their memories.

The unexpected news of a new officer coming on board the ANUBIS had peaked the ILO's curiosity to an extreme. As an Intel Officer, being surprised had been something of a rarity for Shar'El, so after the briefing she had wasted no time to return to her domain. There, within the multitude of screens and instruments at her disposal, the ILO could begin a thorough investigation of the aCMO.

Starfleet records, medical files and even a psychological evaluation from VULCAN all appeared on separate screens for the ILO to review at her discretion. Her name was Mizore Seska, a Bajoran who had a rather unique history.  Born in 2375 the woman should have been 55 years old now, yet her file showed her to only be 31.  Reading further into the woman's Starfleet dossier, Shar'El discovered the reason for this strange discrepancy.  Thanks to an unexplained Bajoran wormhole incident, the new aCMO had vanished from this reality for 24 years. Of course this had caused the Bajoran woman to still be 31 years old, while holding on to memories that reached beyond her years.

If that had not been enough for the ILO to gain a certain interest in the new Officer, the note in Seska's file which indicated that memories had also been implanted by the Prophets had insured Shar'El's desire to meet this person. Although those memories had been inserted at the young age of 5, they had none the less impacted on the woman's way of looking at the shattered world around her.

The more the ILO read the file, the more she could understand the Admiral's fascination in her, something along the lines that he had shown towards Shar'El.  Records of her time on VULCAN showed the extent of some of these alien memories, and yet Seska's own reports pointed to them feeling as if they had been hers.

Shar'El imagined that the new aCMO was very much like her in that regards, able to recall memories that were in fact not her own. The only difference having been that for the ILO these memories had been willingly gathered from selected people, while for Seska those memories had just been dumped into her head.  Of course this entire situation left one question unanswered: why? Why would the Wormhole Aliens, or Prophets as the Bajorans preferred referring to them as, would have wanted to burden a child with such memories?

This was a mystery that the ILO had every intentions of getting to the bottom of. Likely this would be a long term goal, but a goal nonetheless.  In the meantime, with no way to fully quench her thirst for knowledge about the mind of the new officer, the ILO turned to look at a tactical display. On the small screen to her right two Federation icons appeared displaying the locations of the USS ANUBIS and USS NILE. A soft but clearly unhappy growl came out as Shar'El noted that the two ships were at least one full day apart.

Patience it seemed would have to be her closest companion for the next day. 


Tiffany Reeve

Ensign Shar'El
Intel Liaison Officer