"Like Putting an Egg Back in Its Shell After You Have Made the Omelette"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 63072.1230
"You have to be impressed," the Shillian said as she studied the results of her research at the Science Station on the Bridge of the ANUBIS.

"Impressed by what?" The Captain asked, only too late having realised that she should not have opened the door to one of the infamous explanation from the Chief Science Officer.
"The damage potential of a single missile, like the ones that hit us, is about three times that of one of our quantum torpedoes, those aliens must have been using some sort of multi-phasic enhancing mechanism. I would have suspected the use of some dark matter but the ablative armour, or at least what is left of it, is not showing any signs of molecular distortion usually attributed to exposure to such an exotic element. The only disadvantage those missiles displayed was a much slower traveling speed, which was a good thing for the LANCELOT as it gave us those few extra seconds to have the USS ANUBIS get in their path, I mean they would never have survived had only half of them hit. That *we* survived is also impressive, I mean I cannot imagine any other ship in the fleet having been able to take the kind of pounding we did and still be here to talk about it. Well that is not entirely true, the SCARAB, SEKHMET and HORUS would have done just as well as we did being of predominantly the same construction as the ANUBIS. Had the alien sensors been able to detect us I would have been curious to see how many of those missiles they would had fired on us. The fact that these aliens fired six missiles against the USS LANCELOT only goes to show that they had not just intended to destroy the ship but to have it erased from existence. That is of course only a figure of speech, as some sort of temporal device or anti-time generator would have been required to actually *erase* a ship from the time line," the Chief Science Officer explained in what had felt to be a single breath.
"Do we have ship-to-ship communication?" Captain Rikar inquired her head still spinning but very glad that the Shillian Scientist had finally completed her admiration of the destructive power of the missiles that they had intercepted to save the USS LANCELOT.
"It will take some time to set up a narrow-band transmission beam to the LANCELOT," Ensign Thomas quickly replied before the Chief Science Officer could field the question and expose the entire Bridge to another overly detailed explanation of the cause for this problem as well as a hint to why the universe was as it was.
"You know," the Shillian Scientist began, having shifted the focus of her research onto the more immediate concern. "If we used the line-of-sight active sensor components located on the Array section, which was mostly spared from the damage of the missile explosions, and we add a calibrated harmonic resonance that is opposite to that of the interference generated by the nebula, we should be able to establish a stable communication link with the USS LANCELOT. Even if their communications systems are down, we would be able to communicate with Commander Enaii and the rest of our away team. This would also give us a platform to start working on allowing us to use the transporter system between the ANUBIS and LANCELOT."
Captain Rikar stared for several seconds at the Chief Science Officer while the Commanding Officer of the USS ANUBIS processed the information that the Shillian had relayed. As annoying as Lieutenant Maya could be at times, there had been other instances when the Scientist showed her worth, now if only she could do so with a few less words.

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Sabrina: One scientific explanation post, as per requested. ;)

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