"Wake Up Call"
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"The past can be a source of knowledge for the future or a burden to the present. The choice as to which has always been and will forever be ours to make."
-Grand Maester Treb'EL of the Ullian Archives Council


Setting: USS ANUBIS, Captain's Quarters
Stardate: 30146.0115

The Native American was drawn out of his sleep by the repeated tone of the computer.

"Computer," Erik mumbled half asleep. "Take a message."

=/\= Unable to comply. Priority 1 communication from Admiral Koniki on secured channel,=/\= the computer coldly replied as only a machine could.

Upon hearing the name of the NEW ALEXANDRIA's CO, Morningstar instantly woke up and bounced to his feet.

"Computer," the Native American stated as he stood in front of the wall mounted screen. "Open secured channel on this terminal."

=/\= Please provide recognition and clearance access code. =/\=

"Recognize Mormingstar, Erik. Clearance access code 2-5-8-Charlie-Red-Zero," the CO offered wondering what could have prompted the Admiral to call at such an hour.

The logo of the Federation that had filled the screen was replaced after a few seconds by the grinning face of Admiral Koniki. [/\]Good morning Erik.[/\]

"Morning is a little of a stretch," the bearded CO sighed.  "As for the good part, depends on your answer to my next question. What's going on?"

[/\] You have a late addition to your crew heading your way on the USS NILE. You are to change course and get her on board before going to PI ALPHA III,[/\] the Admiral firmly stated leaving no doubt that this had not been a request but rather an order.

"The price for peace is eternal vigilance," the Native American confirmed, quoting the words engraved on the dedication plaque of his own ship to acknowledge the order and remind himself of those very words.

[/\] You are right, [/\] Koniki agreed before he added one last thing. [/\] By the way, your request has been approved. Sorry it took so long, Allyson had to remind me again to get it done. See you when you get back to the barn. Koniki out. [/\]

As the screen went dark, Erik smiled and debated for a few seconds as to how to proceed.  The CO could easily relay the instructions to the Bridge, but that would have been a waste of a golden opportunity to get two things done all in one shot.

"Computer... Red alert!"

The inside of the SCARAB-Class cruiser was plunged into a red hue as the alarm klaxon echoed through every deck. If anyone gad been asleep, they would not be so for long.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 1, Observation Lounge
Stardate: 30146.0130

All of the Senior Officers had assembled to see what the situation had been. Some had not been fully awake, a simple fact that the Native American had found sightly amusing.

"Did sensors pick up some temporal anomaly?" the CSO and acting ExO inquired sounding rather hopeful. "Maybe a gaseous form possessing bio-genic properties has crossed our path; or did we notice a sensor void that we will be changing course to investigate?"

"Well," the CNS grinned.  "You have to admit that she is the hopeful one of the group."

"According to the track record of the ANUBIS though," Ensign Stark added. "It is far more likely that we will be heading into a dangerous situation."

"And now we know who the pessimist is," the CEO chimed in with, trying to tease a smile out of the overly serious and up tight man.

"Nothing so drastic," Erik explained. "We have been ordered to rendezvous with the USS NILE to pick up a new member of the crew." The CO paused as he shifted his attention to the Ullian woman trying her best to look as awake as she could. "You are about to get an assistant, Doctor Doyanne."

"A new assistant?" the CMO repeated, a hint of fear having laced her words. Hiding her true heritage from the crew who only spent a few minutes here and there with her had been relatively easy. Doing the same with someone constantly in the same working environment would likely prove to be far more difficult.

"You could have inform the Bridge in the course change without taking the ship to Red Alert and waking us," the Zaldan FCO sighed heavily. Most would have looked upon the giant's words as insubordination, but knowing the unique social stands of the race, Erik actually found the comment funny.

"If he had," Shar'El jumped in with.  If anyone had truly been awake at this time, it had been the ILO.  "He would have missed an opportunity to test our ability to deal with an unexpected situation."

The Native American grinned and nodded. At least one person understood how the CO thought.  "Speaking of unexpected," Erik continued as he turned his attention to the Cardassian born Counselor.  "Ensign Dalziel, please stand."

Eve's eyes opened to their widest.  To have the Senior Staff called at such an early hour as a test and to explain a change of course had been within the boundaries of normal, so why had the Native American suddenly singled her out?  Somewhat reluctantly the CNS complied, scared and curious all at the same time as to what would happen next.

"This has been well overdue and I figured that there was no better time than the present. Ensign Eve Dalziel, you are hereby promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade effective immediately. As such you will receive all of the honours and responsibilities attributed to your new rank," Erik announced as he fetch a small blue velvet box and retrieved from it a black centered pip to add to the woman's collar.

As the pip was locked into place, the gathered officers cheered and applauded as best as their half-awake state permitted.


Francois Charette

Captain Erik Morningstar
Commanding Officer


Lt. Commander Elan Fairborn
Robotics Engineering Officer