"Medical Assistance"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Sickbay
Stardate: 63072.1215

Lea confirmed having received the Captain’s instructions. *Emergency Away Duty to the LANCELOT* the CO said, what did it mean? Transporters had been rendered inoperative during the battle, so the CMO would be alone with a simple task. Stabilize the injured until either their own medical team could help or they could be transported back to the ANUBIS.

The prospect of what Lea would find onboard the LANCELOT scared her. Not being able to save those injured had been a CMO’s greatest fear. Remembering that she would meet up with the ILO, Lea snapped herself back to reality. There had been no time for this.

The CMO quickly glanced around to see if everything had been under control and to give last minute instructions. In a matter of seconds Sickbay had filled and the response teams dispatched to every deck. So far though the ANUBIS appeared to have been on the lucky side as no fatalities had been reported.

Satisfied that her medical staff could handle the current crisis the CMO grabbed the nearest Medical Kit and headed for Shuttle Bay 1.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Shuttle Bay 1
Stardate: 63072.1220

Lea ran into the Shuttle Bay, her medical kit in hand and her nerves already on edge. Instantly the CMO felt out of place, surrounded by Marines and having the ILO stare her down. Going to the LANCELOT to render aid had been one thing, to be part of an assault team had been an other.

Enaii said nothing but the look in the ILO's eyes said it all; stay back, don't get underfoot and especially don't get into any trouble. The Marines had been given the task to secure the LANCELOT, not to spend their time rescuing the CMO.

The Doctor nervously nodded her complete understanding, and even feared for her own life should she disobey. Lea's task had been to help in a medical way and to leave whatever combat they would come up against to the others. This had been an arrangement that suited the CMO just fine.

Onboard the transport Lea had managed to find a seat as far away from the ILO as possible. There had been no reason to get in Enaii's way even before this mission started. The CMO glanced at the Marines and their equipment, each one of them appeared ready to step into a small war.

In the rush to comply with the Captain's instructions Lea had forgotten an important point. What exactly had happened to the LANCELOT to demand such a reaction? Whatever it had been, the CMO knew that it would be the cause of many nightmares to comes.

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Lt. Lea Summers
Chief Medical Officer