"Trust Among Friends"
(Cont. from "Scanning")

Setting: USS LANCELOT, Bridge
Stardate: 63072.0623

Hex watched as different shapes and lights danced across the computer, but she was barely paying attention. Her dreams were becoming more severe every night and the Kzinti was beginning to wonder what could cause it. The Ensign's eyes drifted over to her crew mate Ensign Mitshiba. Worry seemed to radiate off her in small waves, and they were on target for the CSciO. Sighing deeply, Mrs. Fanggot wondered what could cause her newest friend to worry about her to such a magnitude.

Taking advantage of all the small bickers around the bridge, the Ensign made perfectly sure that her work was fine tuned before beginning to sink into a semi-conscious meditation. Only, the Kzinti was awoken from it only minutes later by the voices of those around her. Careful not to allow the color to show in her cheeks, Hex answered as best she could before returning to her work, realizing that not only Aki was concerned. Focus was what she needed, that and a brain.

Shaking her negative thoughts away, Hex focused on the work at hand, allowing herself to auto-pilot through everything. This was never a good idea, but the Kzinti thought that she may be able to remember the dream if given the right amount of time and energy. Luckily, she was very good at staying on task with her body while her mind was free to drift. The Ensign soon was deep into meditation again.

[[What in the world is wrong with me? I have people who care about me here and I'm worrying about all those who don't...]] Her thoughts stung like a whip and she cringed into her computer slightly. Hex wished more than anything that she could confide in someone, but trust was hard to form and even harder to keep. The Kzinti was very careful not to trust anyone anymore. Righting herself, she noticed a small bleep on her computer and inwardly groaned as she noted the reason and time. Great, she had been in this trance for over half an hour. The sensor dampening field was almost at them.

"Captain... we're almost there" Hex noted, wanting to huddle in a corner when she realized that she was stating the obvious.

The Captain nodded and pressed something on his computer that was obscured from the Kzinti's view, "Ensign Sartek, we'll be needing to slow it down"

=^= Yes Captain, I'll make it happen, =^= came the reply, obviously male.

The Kzinti relaxed slightly, hoping she helped in some small way, yet very much doubting that someone else wouldn't have made the same announcement if she hadn't. Chancing a look at the Chief Science Officer was a bad idea. The Terran was deep in her work, but Hex realized that her gaze would shift to her position nervously every once and a while. Though, when the officer locked eyes with the Ensign, she immediately looked away.

This was going to be a long shift...one that Hex hoped would end quickly. Although the Kzinti enjoyed having a friend, she knew that true friendship was based on trust, something that she wasn't entirely ready to give. The Ensign made a snap decision, making it a vow to herself, to trust her new crew mate. Not with everything... not yet, but maybe in time she could learn to trust her more.

Yes, it was definitely going to be a long shift...

Ashley Shane (crazyoneofthenight@hotmail.com)
Ensign Hex Fanggot
Sec/Tac Officer