"Larger Target"
[previous post was "Meeting of Minds" written by the masterful Francois]

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck A-4, IGC
Stardate: 30145.1800

Respect. That had been one of the things Shar'El had gained from her meeting with the ship's CO. The ILO had also gained a lot of information on the man and his way of thinking, all of which led to her understanding him that much better.

The meeting had not been as efficient as her own method but there had been some high points. In talking to one another the ILO had been able to first hand sample the man's humor.  Maybe the Counselor had been right in suggesting a more personal approach. Still there had been a distinct advantage in looking at someone through their memories.

If nothing else, the ILO had concluded from her meeting with the Captain that a personal approach had been worth looking into again as a valid method. For the time being though Shar'El would maintain her current method of gathering info as her preferred choice.

Her eyes returned and scanned the large screen and its nine divisions. With the change in shifts the ILO found her interest turn to the towering mountain of a man who had been charged with piloting the ship. Ensign Ttosk, a Zaldan, had so far been a quiet, although large and imposing, presence on the Bridge.

It had almost been funny to see that the Zaldan and Shillian were on extreme opposites on the verbal spectrum. Maybe that been why Shar'El had become curious about the giant FCO; his memories would likely hold far more information than his words.

With that idea in mind the ILO followed with her eyes as the FCO left the Bridge at the end of his shift.  Shar'El was surprised when she noted that the man had chosen to head to yhe VIPER launch bay instead of his quarters. Obviously something there had caught the Zaldan's attention and interest.

With Wydran heading into *her* section of the ship, the ILO decided to make use of his interest to quench her own.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck A-3, VIPER Launch Bay

The ILO had arrived well before the imposing pilot, this allowed the Intel Officer to find the perfect location to conduct her research into the memories of the FCO.  Shar'El could always argue at a later time with Eve that Wydran had not been a good candidate for the *personal* approach the CNS had proposed.

From the safety and comfort of the shadows that she knew so very well, Shar'El observed as Wydran entered to room and made his way directly to the black colored VIPER. Purpose could be felt in each of the man's step making it clear that it had been best for all to nit be in his way.

The memory of the Zaldan's first visit to this place immediately filled the mind of the FCO. To say the Ensign Ttosk had been completely taken by the dark colored interceptor would have been a huge understatement.

Shar'El had been pleased by this almost overwhelming focus as it allowed her to dive deeper into the FCO's memories without his notice.

Memory after memory the ILO peeled away the layers into the man's past. His assignment to the ANUBIS, his time at the Academy, and his experiences before then.


Tiffany Reeve

Ensign Shar'El
Intel Liaison Officer