" Breakfast "
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Setting: VALLA ROYAL, Celestial Temple Restaurant
Stardate: 63076.0630

The young woman casually strolled into the open dining area, an air of pure femininity encompassed her every move.  She paused for an instant as her gaze drifted upward to the impressive see-through dome which covered the dinning area and granted the patrons an unhindered view of the stars beyond.  The name of the restaurant had been very fitting; the distant twinkling lights that appeared as if they could be touched had created a feeling of awe in the new arrival.

A gentle smile caressed the woman's pink lips as her memories travelled to people she once knew… people with religious backgrounds and ideas that would have been more than thrilled to be here… in admiration of the star filled sky above them and the mysteries that they represented.

Rikar's attention was brought back to the "here and now" by the frantic waving of a young Pythron male several tables away.  Not at all minding the attention that she had suddenly become the focus of from the majority of those already present, the young woman made her way to the Pythron youth.

"Glad you saw me," Trodat offered as he invited his companion to join him at the table he had reserved for them.  "If I had waved any harder I think my arm would have fallen off," he added letting his inexperience with members of the opposite gender be unmistakable.

"That's alright," the young woman playfully grinned as she lowered herself into the only vacant chair, "I would have fixed it."  The words hung in the hair between them and slowly repeated within the redhead's thoughts and memories.  Slowly, the grin that had danced on the redhead's lips grew to a full size, radiant smile that seemed to fill the entire restaurant.  In another time, in another life, Rikar had been a Medical Officer… a Doctor… a *healer* capable of fixing dislocated arms and so much more.  The truth was that this woman had been far more than she now pretended to be… not only to others but to herself as well.

"I am sure that you would be able to fix anything and everything that is wrong with me," the Pythron youth grinned playfully as he motioned the nearest waiter to come closer.

The young woman chuckled quietly as she imagined herself *fixing* Trobat in all the ways he currently required it, and at that time his need for a Counselor seemed far more urgent than any of the others he might have had.

As Rikar continued to imagine herself *fixing* Trobat, the youth proceeded to order breakfast for the two of them, the young woman aware of his need to be *in control*.  This requirement had likely originated from the high ranking position his father held in the Pythron military.

Once the waiter had been given the order and sent on his way, Trobat reached for a large, flat, rectangular box that had been at his feet and placed it on the table in front of Rikar.  "I did some research into your people's culture and stumbled across something rather interesting," the Pythron youth explained.  "I have to admit that some of your rituals and customs are rather strange, but they do have their unique appeal."

Curious as to what this had all been about, the young woman opened the box already having expected to find some sort of garment therein… despite this logical expectations the redheaded woman could not have anticipated what she discovered inside.

Very pleased by the expression of surprise and shock on the young woman's face, Trodat beamed with delight as Samantha pulled out the cheerleader's uniform.  "I found the idea of this game called *football* to be most puzzling but after further research I discovered that the game was actually nothing more than an excuse.  The game itself was a pretense to organize the events that surrounded the action on the field.  This "half time" show, the parties before, during and after the game, and of course the displaying of your most beautiful women for the entire world to see was truly visionary.  Maybe we should implement something similar on my planet… I suspect that it would go a long way to motivate our men."

"Motivate them into doing what?" Rikar inquired as she scrutinized the outfit that she had been given, a certain twinkle having appeared in her eyes.

"Not, sure," Trobat grinned maniacally.  "Maybe we can explore this after breakfast."

"We'll see," the young woman replied as she delicately returned the garment to its box while she enjoyed the expression of utter desire that had engraved itself on the face of the Pythron youth.

Sabrina Jones

Samantha Rikar
Dabo Girl

Once known as…
Captain Sabrina Rikar
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