(Cont. from "Morning")

Setting: USS LANCELOT, Bridge
Stardate: 63072.0620

The GUMBARA Nebula had still been two hours and 40 odd minutes away but the Chief Science Officer had already begun long-range sensor scans.  There had been a lot of data to gather and knowing that sensor efficiency would drastically drop as they approached, Mitshiba had not wanted to risk wasting any time.  Every now and then though Aki glanced at her friend and wished that she could turn those sensors inward and direct them onto the Kzinti who had remained absolutely silent since their arrival on the bridge.  Something had been troubling Hex, and in turn that had troubled Aki.

"Ensign Mitshiba, initiate long-range scans of the nebula," Captain Morningstar said unaware that the task had already been started.  "At this distance we should not get all that much information but this is a scientific research mission, so might has well start."

"Preliminary long-range sensor scan confirmed the data already on file for the GUMBARA Nebula," Aki said before she noticed that the Captain had turned to look in her direction with a pleased look on his face.  "We should be able to get more detailed information in a few minutes," the CSciO added as she tried her best to demonstrate that she had been in complete control of this part of the mission.

"We could ask Engineering to increase power to the engines and get there faster," Ensign White suggested from the Operations station.

"I would recommend against it," Aki interjected.  "The sensor dampening effect of the nebula will make things difficult as we get closer.  As the effectiveness of the sensors is reduced we should actually slow our speed down to insure that we do not get surprised by anything unexpected.  At higher speed our response time and maneuverability are greatly reduced so rushing half blind could prove dangerous."

The FCO turned; ready to make some comment about how he would be more than capable of avoiding anything that suddenly appeared in their flight path, but Drell's smile quickly faded as he reconsidered his thoughts.  Today had not been a good day having already physically run into a crewmate had verbally run into the CO.

"What do you think Ensign Fanggot," Captain Morningstar asked.  "Do you think we should increase or reduce speed?"

The question had been meant as a test, a way for the CO to see how each of his officer thought, instead though Captain Morningstar discovered that his Sec/Tac Officer had been distracted by something.

"Ensign Fanggot?" The CO repeated, a little concerned by the lack of response from the Kzinti.

"Hex!" Aki snapped in a whispered voice loud enough to draw her friend from whatever world she had lost herself in.

"Sorry," the Sec/Tac said in a very apologetic manner.  "I was verifying the impact of the nebula's dampening effect on our targeting sensors and got lost in the simulation that I was running."

"So my guess is that you are against us increasing speed," Captain Morningstar said.

Hex only nodded her head and quickly shied away from Ensign Mitshiba's glare, the CSciO not having accepted the Kzinti's explanation, at least not at face value.

"Then it's settled, Mr. Drell, continue on course at our current speed.  Miss Mitshiba, keep an eye on our sensor resolution and inform us when it begins to drop enough to warrant a reduced speed.  Everyone else, stay sharp."

Dawn Bohr <serra.moon.angel@gmail.com>
Ensign Akira 'Aki' Mitshiba
Chief Science Officer