"Flavor of Memories"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 15, BLACK HOLE Lounge
Stardate: 30145.1512

Like a cat she watched from the upper level, silent and motionless as her prey made his way to the stairs that would allow the CO to join with the ILO.  The location and been perfect for a hunter, granting higher ground and a clean and direct line of sight.  It would have been so easy for Shar'El to peek into his memories and get a better idea of the man she had been set to meet.  She could have learned more about him in a few seconds thanks to her skills over what she could have gathered in days and weeks of simple discussion.

Knowledge though had been the ILO's field of expertise and although this would be their first meeting, Shar'El already knew a fair deal about the approaching man.  The file that the aged Admiral had provided on the Commanding Officer of the ANUBIS had been very detailed, almost as much as if it had been compiled by the ship's own CSO. As elaborate as the information in the file had been though, it lacked depth and flavor.  Being told about all of the ingredients in a recipe, how ever delicious it was said to be, could not give someone the actual taste of that dish.  People were very much the same when reading their service record.  The nuances of the events could not be carried in a written format, so the unique flavor of these events and memories were unfortunately missing from the information.

While commanding the PARADOX, had he been scared or excited? There had been no way for Morningstar's file to relay this to the ILO, but she could have answered that question with one simple peek into his mind.  The AVALON, the PROPHECY, the GATEWAY, were all detailed in his file but the flavor of his time in each could not be found.

When it came to memories, people were like a fine aged wine, gaining a more complex flavor with each passing year.  If not kept in order though, the sheer volume of these memories could risk to overcome both the owner and observer. That said though Shar'El suspected that the Morningstar's mind had been perfectly pristine making it ever more difficult for the ILO to hold herself back from reaching into his mind and svoring each and every memory that she would discover.

With each step Morningstar drew closer to the ILO, and with each step Shar'El's temptation to look into the man's head grew.  What secrets hid in his mind? What unique memories did he hold onto or tried desperately to suppress?  The desire grew to such a level that the ILO actually found herself shaking.  After a few seconds, the Intel Officer came to realize that she had lost track of the man's physical form only to find him standing but a few meters ahead of her.

So close, yet so far. Shar'El could almost taste the sweetness of his memories, a forbidden taste that she denied herself, at least for the time being.

Tiffany Reeve

Ensign Shar'El
Intel Liaison Officer