"Clothes Trauma"
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- A man must be big enough to admit his mistake, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them.
~ John C. Maxwell

Setting: USS HATHOR, Hex's Quarters
Stardate: 63073.0625


Clothes were scatter all over the room, as well as other small things that had gotten in the way of the miniature rampage. The Kzinti again could not find a single article of clothing to wear to her mission! Growling in her own harsh tongue and yet again attempting to look through the disaster that had become her wardrobe, Hex was becoming increasingly tired and aggravated. This mission, as well as the milk she had drank earlier, was supposed to have helped calm the officer. Looking around the room, even a dimwit could tell stress flooded it's every corner.

Remembering her previous missions in which she had to go under cover, the woman wondered as to what would better suit this mission. The hunting attire was a very popular choice of hers, but it didn't really feel... right. The Sec/Tac officer knew she needed something more glamorous or at least non-threatening or a mission to a casino planet. Though fun was never really on the menu, Hex knew she had to blend in with the commoners the frequented the planet.

An idea stuck, but the furred humanoid hissed it into submission almost as fast as it had come, bringing on yet another migraine. The pain wasn't as agonizing or as frequent as before seeing as her mind was almost always per-occupied, but with nothing but stress as a filter at the moment, the Kzinti was thrown into a world of agony, forced to the ground by it. Hissing again in pain, the cat-like woman curled her body in on itself to wait out the pain, tears soaking the fur on her cheeks as the officer tried her hardest to remain completely still.

After the feeling had passed, the Sec/Tac officer picked herself off the ground and growled, wondering about her previous idea. The last time the Kzinti had to make a choice for which to wear, the woman had obviously chosen the most practical one for that time being her hunting attire. This time was different. Feeling nostalgic, the cat-like humanoid bent down on one knee to the only clothing chest untouched in the entire room. Opening it carefully as though it were a bomb, the Kzinti peeked inside at the last remnants of her past.

A sleek dress greeted her with the slightest of shimmers. The dress was that of a bride, worn only to one's wedding and fitted perfectly to Hex's figure as all were made to do so. When worn the dress would not only amplify her qualities, but undercut what her people considered as useless amities for a woman... that being the officer's toned muscles. In something like this she really would look just like a young woman who frequented casinos. The dress was the color of the dusty sand that coated most of her home, much like her hunting attire, but it just had the feeling that it was something... more. the Kzinti carefully took it out to look it over. No work required, it already fit perfectly and always would.

Just as the woman was about to pull off her uniform to try on her disguise, a sound crackled from her badge. Hex managed to just barely stop herself from jumping and clinging to the ceiling in surprise as she realized it was a voice that was making the sound.

=^= Hex? I don't know when it would be a good time, but I would like to have a word or two with you. =^= the voice crackled, only in passing did the frightened Kzinti realize that it was the ship's counselor on the line.

With a small sigh, the officer replaced the dress and pressed her badge to speak "Any time is fine with me Eve, just preparing for the mission..."

Obviously her attempt to keep the strain from her voice had failed as the next words came over the badge =^= I think sooner rather than later then... when could you meet me? =^=

"I can meet you now if you'd like, but I doubt the mess hall is open at the moment seeing as two others currently occupy it..." the Kzinti stated blandly

A chuckle came over her com badge and the other woman's sounded more soothing =^= I think I know somewhere more private we can talk. =^=

"Fine with me..." Hex replied, letting the conversation die there.

Worry made her head hurt, but the Kzinti let it come this time. Having the pain now meant not having to explain it later to Ensign Dalziel.

Ashley Shane
Ensign Hex Fanggot
Assistant Sec/Tac officer