"Awake and Alone"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, CMO's Quarters
Stardate: 63072.0530

It had taken some convincing from the rest of the medical staff, but Lea had finally agreed to get some rest. Some had suggested that the CMO go back to her quarters and celebrate with a drink. Once the Doctor had walked into her quarters though, the bed had been the only desired destination.

Given how tired she had felt Lea had expected to fall asleep even before her head had touched the pillow. Six hours or so later the CMO had managed to doze off for maybe half that time. Looking at the stars as they rushed by her window or listening to music had not helped. At one point Doctor Summers had even considered going back to Sickbay but quickly decided against it. Lea had not put it past the medical staff to sedate her before security brought the CMO back to her quarters.

A sigh escaped from the Doctor as she lay on her bed. Too many things had been running through her mind for the CMO to get any real rest. Her promotion to full Lieutenant, the upcoming confrontation against an unknown adversary and Elan's music had all been there in her thoughts.  Added to this her own feelings of uncertainty had left the CMO wishing that she had not been in her quarters or alone. Then again, being alone had certain advantages.

On the Bridge with Captain Rikar, Lea would have likely been busy thinking about their mission. Scenarios about what they might encounter would have stressed the CMO to new heights. With Maya or Elliot, the Doctor would have likely been swept into some sort of discussion about something that would have made Lea long for solitude. The simple though of one-on-one time with the Oltharian caused Lea to tremble. Either she imagined Elan being too busy with his work or the two of them sitting side by side in absolutely silence. In both cases Lt. Summers would have regretted having gone to see the CEO.

This left Enaii, the ANUBIS' ILO, a woman as cold as ice and as fierce as a dragon. Just being in the same room as the Intel agent had been enough to make the CMO nervous. The silent demeanor of the woman hinted to unspoken horrors that were best left undiscovered. That thought alone had been sufficient to make the CMO thankful for her current situation in her quarters.

Lea's thoughts slowly returned to the stars visible through her window, and from there onto the LANCELOT. With Elan in Engineering there had been little doubt that the ANUBIS would arrive ahead of schedule. With Maya manning the science station, it had been a forgone conclusion that they would find some weakness to exploit. With Elliot at Operations, the ship would be made to be ready to tackle all worst-case scenarios. With Enaii overseeing the action, it was easy to imagine the ILO suggesting some devious method to end their conflict before it had started. This left Captain Rikar to bring everything smoothly together with some well timed orders.

The CMO smile weakly. All that would be left for Lea and her staff to do would be to attend to a few cuts and bruises. Any treatment for shock would likely be brought on because of the swift intervention of the ANUBIS, not an unknown attacker.

For the first time Lea felt at peace and confident as to what would soon come to pass. There had been no reason for concerns; everything had been taken into account. The ANUBIS had been the best ship with the best crew, so there had been no cause for worries.

Lea sighed once again, this time as her body allowed itself to fully relax and accept the tender embrace of sleep.

Tiffany Rose {lady.tiffany.rose@gmail.com}

Lt. Lea Summers
Chief Medical Officer