"Read, Remember, Relax"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 7, Main Sickbay
Stardate: 30145.1505


Scanning through the PADD given to her by the knowledgeable CSO was proving more difficult than the confused woman had first envisioned. The data was beyond her wildest expectations that it would take hours to completely analyze,especially since the CMO found herself in need of a digital English dictionary for some of the longer words. Lillie had to give the Lieutenant Commander some credit where it was due though, that woman truly left no detail to chance. Attempting to read and retain all the stored information between patients was proving to be pointless.

Frustrated, the medical specialist stood and rubbed her temple softly. Abandoning the PADD on her desk for the time being the Tarellian supposed that now would be a good opportunity to visit her personal quarters seeing as the two - possibly three - remaining officers in need of a physical were tied up in work of their own. Laughing a bit to herself, the Ensign fondly remembered each individual visit she had experienced. It seemed to her that life aboard the ANUBIS was to be anything but ordinary.

Her very first patient had been a torn young male Terran who called himself Jayson. Even with her expertise only in the physical field, the CMO could have cut the tension vibrating from that man with a rusty scalpel. His obvious internal battle raged with each step and the plagued humanoid felt empathy for him. Lillie hoped it had been right of her to inform the counselor of his troubles, though she didn't often have much success when meddling.

The patient soon after that was none other than the ship's elusive ILO. Shar'El had seemed cold and observant on the surface, such as many in her position were expected to be, but after having only spent minutes with her Lillie discovered that the raven haired woman was simply a good person with a secret to keep. One that now, Lillie was proud to keep as well. As surprising as both seemed to think it, they had found a common denominator they both shared.

Looking back at her desk the CMO recalled the previous holder of that particular PADD as well as her brief visit to Sickbay. The ship's chief medical officer was obviously well trained where scientific Intel gathering was concerned. The sheer mass of the information not only droned into the Tarellian at their first meeting but also filling the brims of the PADD proved as much. Though the visit had been to short to really complete a physical on the other woman, Lillie was sure her respiratory system worked VERY well.

Pocketing the PADD for later contemplation, the Ensign recalled the uncomfortable and sudden appearance of the ship's counselor not moments after the departure of the CSO. Though Lillie had absolutely no qualms with Dalziel personally she DID in fact have a few issues with being counselled. As their job description clearly imposes, the Cardassian-born woman was able to look into the mind's of others simply through speech with no aid of telepathic abilities such as those her new friends the hidden Ullian possessed. With so much to hide and protect, this made the Tarellian worry for her children's secrecy and well-being.

The last and most recent had been the most unnerving. The CO himself had walked into her domain looking as though it was a figurative lion's den. The mental struggle he must have put himself through just to take a single step through those doors must have been monumental for him to look so stricken at even the sight for his new medical officer. This man was the only one on the ship who not only knew of her race and the plague they had been burdened with, but had studied them and been taught to show only fear or hate. The fear had been mutual. There was a number of times during his physical where the more seasoned officer could have easily lashed at any exposed vital point on the Tarellian's body. For this reason and to ensure his comfort, Lillie had taken every possible precaution during his physical to not come into any sort of physical contact with the imposing senior admiral.

Mentally drained the young woman retired from her working station, informing one of the nurses to take over temporarily in her stead. Leaving her comm badge frequency open for any to signal in case of emergency of need the CMO stepped out into the corridor and drew in a long, deep breath. Some well deserved time dressing up her quarters would sooth the Ensign's frazzled nerves and hopefully provide her with the momentary escape she craved before having to come face-to-face with even more members of the senior staff.


Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 2, Doyanne's Quarters
Stardate: 30145.1520


Arriving at her quarters with a few moments to spare the Tarellian shut the doors and merely stood and admired the space. The quarters were much more spacious than those she had lived in during her time aboard the plague ship. Although, more wasn't necessarily better. Lillie was reminded as to how much larger the space seemed seeing as her husband would not be sharing it.

A sudden chill forced the CMO to rub her arms for warmth as she moved with wraith-like slowness over to the bed. Instead of sitting on the plush bedding she had requested, the teary woman simply laid a had on the sheets and allowed her tears to trail silently over her skin. The room was colder without the presence of another.

A short curse escaped the humanoid's lips before she turned from the bed and immediately left the room. It's sheer emptiness was too much to bare, at least right now. Sickbay was where she was needed so that was where she would remain. In a moment of bitterness, Lillie reminded herself that her simply being aboard the ship was putting their captain ill at ease. Then why leave her post, aside from emergencies and training of course.

Reading the PADD that she had fished from her pocket more thoroughly during her walk, the CMO was now determined to spend as little time as possible in her quarters. Relaxation would come from knowing she was doing her best with the position assigned to her. The decorating would have to wait.

Ashley Shane

Ensign Lillie Doyanne
Chief Medical Officer