"Unexpected Tears"
(Cont. from "Patience")

Setting: USS LANCELOT, Corridor
Stardate: 63072.0515

To say that Aki had slept would have been a huge overstatement, the excitement of being once again on a ship had simply been too much for the Ensign to control.  So after a quick sonic shower the LANCELOT's CSciO decided on going for a jog through the empty corridors of the ship.  Despite being in space, most Federation ships still functioned using the idea of night and day, altering the ambient light to reflect this.

Aki would have preferred to go back to the holodeck and do something more physically demanding.  The problem had been that officers received a specific time allocation for the use of the holodecks, so Ensign Mitshiba had thought it wise to save her time for later.  Aki hoped that the jog through the partially sleeping ship would be sufficient to work up a sweat and clear her thoughts.

Deserted and dimly lit, the corridors of the LANCELOT appeared as if they had been taken from someone's dreams, a sensation that actually caused Aki to gradually change her simple jog to a full out run.  The corridors had after all been deserted, so there had been no harm in the CSciO to pick up the pace.

Suddenly everything went back.

Setting: USS LANCELOT, Corridor
Stardate: 63072.0525

Aki forced her eyes open and tried as best she could to understand why the ceiling had been directly in front of her.  As the cobwebs in her mind gradually cleared, Ensign Mitshiba felt the hardness of the floor pressing against her back.  How had she managed to get into this position?

The answer came in the form of the FCO's face as he looked down onto Aki.  "Are you all right?" Drell asked looking rather amused.

"I'm not sure," Aki replied as she began to become aware of the aches and pains of her body, not to mention a couple of tears that had reached her cheeks.  "Feels like I hit a wall," she added out of breath.

"I guess it would depend on your definition of *wall*," the Klingon FCO said with a grin.  "You ran into me."

"That would explain the oddly placed lumps on my head, and why I feel like my stomach is in my heels," Akira said with a soft chuckle as she felt the lumps in question with her fingers.

"Do you need me to contact Ensign Dollaress?" The FCO asked, thinking that maybe Aki needed to see the ship's CMO.

"I'll be fine," Aki said with certainty.  "The last thing I need is to have her report to Captain Morningstar that I was knocked out after running into you.  I would like for him to think that I am a little more solid than that.

Drell laughed and helped Aki to sit up against the nearest wall.  "I have to go, will you be alright?"

Ensign Mitshiba nodded.  It would take her a few minutes, but in time she knew that everything around her would stop spinning.  Aki motioned for the Klingon to go and to leave her, which Drell eventually did. Once again alone in the corridor, the CSciO closed her eyes and took a moment, the impact with the FCO having been rather brutal.  Soon a strange sound drew Aki's attention back onto her surroundings and eventually onto the closed door next to her.

Carefully the Ensign listened and soon figured out what the soft sound she had heard had been - crying.  Aki quickly got to her feet and with surprise noted that the number of the quarters she had stopped at matched those of the LANCELOT's Sec/Tac Officer; Ensign Hex Fanggot.

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Ensign Akira 'Aki' Mitshiba
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