"Thinking Too Much"
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Out of The Shadows"]


Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 30145.1500

It had been three hours since their mission had begun. A simple training exercise on a moon that even the most daring of adventurer would have wanted to avoid. The final destination was still several days away which meant a lot of time for him to think.  Too much time.


It was a bright summer's day. The trees were full and green, the flowers next to the smooth stone path had been at their prettiest.  The park resembled the one found near the Academy back on EARTH. It was a place where he knew he could find peace from his troubles. 

He walked on the path and suddenly felt something in his hand. The softness of her hand in his had made him want to sing but all he could manage was a smile that filled his face. He turned and looked at her. How easily he could lose himself in her eyes. How easy it hd been for her to make him more happy than he could have every imagined. Leena was everything to him and she in return had given him everything.

A small hand reached for his free fingers. He hesitated for a minute as this simple sensation made no sense.  He knew who had taken hold of him in this way but refused to look.  He closed his eyes as the hold on his hand grew more demanding. The more the child pulled on his fingers the more it made him want to pull away and cry.

When he opened his eyes to look at the woman by his side he chocked. His throat grew dry and tight instantly, Sad, pleading eyes surrounded by black, burnt flesh was all he saw.


Wide eyed he looked at his controls while he tried to control his breathing. For a split second nothing made sense, but then he remembered who and where he was.

"Is everything all right Ensign?"

The Executive Officer had noted something amiss with Jayson, but there had been no way for her to know what. All she knew is that it had been something severe enough to cause him to suddenly jerk.

"My apologies Commander. I was distracted. All systems are showing fully operational."

The report had been quickly offered with the hope that the matter would be considered done and closed. That hope was brought to a quick end as he heard the First Officer quietly call for the ship's counsellor to report to the Bridge.

In another time, another life, he might have been offended by this. Maybe even insulted. This time though Jayson had felt honest relief and gratitude. He had needed to speak to someone and now had been just as good a time as any.

Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark