"Out of The Shadows"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 15, BLACK HOLE Lounge
Stardate: 30145.1508

The arrival of the ILO to the upper level of the BLACK HOLE Lounge had remained undetected.  The sight-to-sight transport had proceeded exactly as planned leaving those few already here unaware of a new patron to the establishment.  Eve might have convinced Shar'El to be more open and friendly with other members of the command staff, but that had not changed the way the ILO liked to operate.  There was a certain comfort and safety in the shadows of this universe.

With the crew busy with their preparations for the upcoming mission, the BLACK HOLE Lounge had been almost empty. This offered the ILO with an opportunity that she simply could not ignore. So from the shadows of the upper level, Shar'El looked down upon those below, scanning their memories for something of interest.

The memories of one of the nurses had caught Shar'El's attention.  For some reason the woman had been remembering with a great deal of interest her first meeting with the ship's CMO.  As a friend, the ILO had been curious as to the reason for this interest, not wanting Lillie Doyanne's secret to be made public without her consent.

Carefully the ILO studied that particular memory, trying to understand the wave of emotions that accompanied it.  Shar'El felt instant relief when the memory of the CMO was associated with joy.  Somehow Lillie had reminded the nurse of her sister which had endeared the woman to one of her subordinates.

The Tarellian's secret had been safe, and beyond that she had managed to nicely set her presence in her department.  Shar'El's attention suddenly shifted to the BLACK HOLE's new arrival.  From the upper level, the seasoned Captain appeared as any other officer, confident and at ease with his environment.  Presented with a golden opportunity to look into the man's memories though, Shar'El decided to respect his rank and position.  There would be other opportunities, and maybe he would even allow her to do so without her having to sneak behind his back.

The ILO tapped her communicator with a faint smile.  "Ensign Shar'El to Captain Morningstar. Upper level."

Erik Morningstar quickly looked up and saw the black haired woman looking down at him.  Although he had not said anything it had been easy to figure out that the CO had not been overly pleased by having been ambushed the way he had.

Shar'El felt bad, she had not wanted to make the Captain feel this way, if indeed that was what had happened. Then again, she had been this ship's ILO and it would not have been proper for her as such to just walk in and make a spectacle of her arrival.  Hopefully this would be the way Morningstar would see it.

Things were so much easier from the safety of the shadows.


Tiffany Reeve

Ensign Shar'El
Intel Liaison Officer