"Getting Ready"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 63071.2130

=^= Engineering to Ensign Thomas. =^= came the voice of Olthairan over the communicator.

"Yes Lieutenant Fairborn, how can I help you?"

=^= We are going to stay at transwarp speed for an increased period of time which we will monitor in Engineering, but to allow us to do this we need to divert power from ships life support systems and areas of the ship unused at present. =^= 

"I understand Lieutenant, I will divert all the power I can from unused decks and systems to you as soon as I get the areas and systems locked down," the Ensign replied while using his station to assess where the power was going to come from.  ET methodically went through all decks and other systems to find every bit of power he could.  [[I hope I can get Elan the amount of power that he needs to sustain this transwarp.]] Elliot thought to himself while pressing buttons at his Ops station.

The computer announced =^=Please evacuate the following areas as all power from these areas including life support will be diverted to Engineering until further notice, Deck 3 Transporter Rooms 1&2, all of Deck 4, Deck 5 Personal Holodecks 1&2, Deck 6 Personal Holodecks 3&4 , Deck 7 Councelling Department, Transporter Room 3&4, Deck 9 Main Holodeck 1&2, Cargo bays 5 to 8, Cargo transporter 2, Deck 11 Emergency transporter, Deck 12 Transporter Room 5&6, Deck 13 Crew Gymnasium, Personal holodeck 5&6, Deck 14 Transporter Room 7&8, Deck 15 Crew Lounge, all of Deck 16, Deck 17 Cargo bays 9 to 10, Cargo Transporter 3, Deck 18 Cargo bays 11 to 14, Cargo transporter 4, Deck 20 Marine mess hall and training facilities, all of Deck 26.=^=

"Ensign Thomas to Lieutenant Fairborn, I have locked down all relevant areas and systems and diverted all the power I can find to you in Engineering, good luck." said Elliot kindly.

=^= Thank you Ensign, this may just do the job. =^=  the Olthairan said in an appreciative tone.

ET was now hard at work at his station, when the Captain came back onto the Bridge, she approached Elliot and said in a soft voice "Ensign, can I see you in my ready room please"

"Yes, Captain" the Ensign had replied with a confused expression on his face.  ET got up from his station and followed the attractive red-headed woman into her ready room, he was feeling rather nervous at the thought of why he himself was brought here.

As the Ensign entered the room behind her, the Captain said again in a soft voice "Elliot, please take a seat."

"Captain I'd rather not, have I done something wrong because I should be monitoring my station with life support, areas and systems locked down I need to keep monitoring the sensors carefully ma'am" stated the tall Ensign calmly.

The CO looked at him sympathetically then explained why she had called him into her ready room "Elliot, you know that we are heading to the GUMBARA Nebula as fast as possible, well there is a ship in that area right now which is in danger, the USS LANCELOT and the crew on......" this sentence was cut short as Elliot Thomas interrupted.

"Hold on ma'am, that's the ship that Ensign Arika Mitshiba is on, we have to let them know that they are in danger" stated the COO emotionally.

The red-headed woman looked at ET and replied "I'm sorry Ensign we cant do that, Starbase 115 is also located in that area and it too will be in danger, and the USS LANCELOT may slow down the unknown opposition long enough for us to get there before they get to Starbase 115."  The CO then continued "I'd like to say take some time in your quarters but we need all our best people at their stations, are you going to be OK Ensign, can I rely on you?"

Elliot sighed then smiled and said to the attractive CO in a calm and gentle voice, "Yes ma'am, I understand.  OK if that's the case then I will go back to my Ops station and work on a programming algorithm that would allow us to return power to all transporter stations at the same time immediately after dropping out of Transwarp, that way *if* we are in time we maybe able to save as many crew of the USS LANCELOT as possible including Aki."

"Dismissed!" was the only other word that ET had needed to hear, so he could get to work immediately.

Craig Mitchell {wmcraigmitchell@gmail.com}
Ensign Thomas
Chief of Operations. 

[The Universe is a huge place, but you always seem to meet someone you know just around the corner.]