"Overcoming Obstacles"
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"The eagle that fears to fly will forever be bound to the earth and never experience the freedom of flight. Likewise is a mind bound by fear will forever be trapped to never know freedom."
- Unknown

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Turbolift
Stardate: 30145.1210

The trip from the Bridge of the ANUBIS to its Sickbay usually took only a few minutes. The Native American had stated, without thinking, that he had been heading to Sickbay. So it was only once the doors to the turbolift had closed that the CO realized what he had said and done prompting his rapid change in destination.

Normally there would not have been any issue with the Native American Captain meeting the ANUBIS' CMO, but this was far from a normal situation. The information he possessed on that specific Officer had been more than enough to make the CO reluctant to see the head of the Medical Department.

Ensign Lillie Doyanne, the ship's Chief Medical Officer, had been a Tarellian. This race of the Alpha Quadrant was know by all space travelling species to be amongst the most dangerous in the galaxy.  Despite the fact that only a few dozen members of this race remain, the fear they instilled in others reached to all quadrants of the galaxy.

This reputation had not been earned through their skills in combat or the effectiveness of their weapons of war. The terror that their name alone created had been due to the plague they carried, a disease capable of eradicating life on a planetary scale. This was why their ships were fired upon on sight when encountered. No one dared to risk their deadly and incurable plague to spread to their own people.  It was also why the race was nearly hunted out of existance to insure that such a catastrophe would never occur.

The file provided by Admiral Koniki had been detailed and stated on many occasions that Lillie Doyanne had been different from other members of her race.  Through a daily regimen of a unique drug, the disease she carried had been placed under control. Although contained and made none-contagious, the drug had not been a cure for this disease which threatened to return in full force should an injection be missed.

To Erik the risk had been too great.  A simple error or omission could doom his entire crew within hours if not minutes. Yet Admiral Koniki had been unwilling to hear the Captain's objections. Her disease had been under control and the Native American would just have to learn to deal with it.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 7, Corridor
Stardate: 30145.1325

The Native American had wandered the corridors of his ship for over an hour now.  Still he had been shocked to find himself standing just outside of the Main Sickbay.  Erik grinned for a brief second as he imaged how much his Counselor would enjoy seeing him in this state.

He stood just outside of the door's sensor, not wanting for it to acknowledge his presence and force the doors open.  A single step stood between the CO and the home of the Tarellian on *his* ship.  She had earned the right to be here as well as the Admiral's trust, so why had it been so difficult for him to accept this situation?

With a long and pronounced sigh the Native American resigned himself to entering, hoping and almost wishing with some level of childish attitude that the CMO would not be there.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 7, Sickbay
Stardate: 30145.1330

Erik forced a smile to appear on his lips as he saw the woman he had hoped to avoid.  A conflict the likes of which he had never experienced raged within the Native American pitting the knowledge he had been given against his own respect for others.

"Captain Morningstar," Lillie offered with delight at the sight of the ship's CO. "I am very pleased to see that you have come down to see me on your own.  Captains have a tendency to shy away from Doctors until absolutely necessary or ordered to do so."

Erik closed his eyes and drew in a long deep breath.

Lillie instantly understood that this had not been a courtesy visit and that it had been extremely difficult for the seasoned Officer to even be here in her presence.  Admiral Koniki had said that only a few on board the ANUBIS would know of her true origins and that the knowledge would likely cause problems at first.

"I am truly sorry Captain," the CMO offered with the utmost respect and apology.  "Please understand that I have no intent or desire to hurt anyone on this ship and that I will do everything possible to insure everyone's safety."

Ensign Doyanne paused to see the CO's reaction, and when she saw him slowly open his eyes she allowed the breath that she had been holding to escape ever so slowly.

"I hold you in the highest possible esteem," Erik stated, his voice and physical posture still reflecting a defensive position. "As a Captain, I was made to study your race and their impact on countless cultures. So I hope that it is you who will forgive me for not being able to push back the fear that this field of study forced upon me."

"If it is your wish," Lillie began as she lowered her gaze, "I will confine myself to my quarters and Sickbay, using site-to-site transport to insure that only those required to deal with me will do so."

The Native American eyes narrowed for a brief moment as he studied the Officer standing before him easily imagining that his silence would be perceived by her as a contemplation of the offer she had made.

"Doctor," Erik continued, this time trying his best to have his voice be friendlier. "It would be very impractical for my Chief Medical Officer to be restricted to only her quarters and Sickbay.  In case of an emergency, it might be impossible to bring the injured to you.  Plus, how do you intend to take part in the training exercises on the moon of PI ALPHA III if you cannot leave the ship?"

"Thank..." the Tarellian woman began before she was interrupted by the Captain you quickly raised his hand.

"Do not thank me yet," Erik explained. "This is going to be difficult for me, as much as I may not want it to be.  So let's take it one step at a time, the first of which being you performing my physical."

"It would be my pleasure Captain," Ensign Doyanne said as she held back a smile and invited the ANUBIS' CO to take a seat on the main medical table.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 7, Sickbay
Stardate: 30145.1450

The examination had taken longer than normal, but the Native American had understood why. Doctor Doyanne had gone above all expectations to insure that she would not physically touch the Captain, even though her condition, if contagious, would be transmitted with far greater ease than through skin-to-skin contact. Still Lillie had wanted to reassure the Native American as much as possible, and she believed that the extra time required had been well worth it.

"All done," the CMO announced from several meters away, still trying to make the CO feel more at ease with her role and presence on his ship.  "You are as fit as can be."

"Thank you Doctor," Erik stated as she pushed himself off the biobed and onto his feet, "and again sorry for making this situation that much more difficult for you.  I hope that in time I will be able to show you the confidence that you rightfully deserve."

With that the Native American left Sickbay without looking back, fearing more than anything that a last look at the innocent young woman would trigger in him a reaction that should never be imagined.

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 7, Corridor
Stardate: 30145.1455

Feeling a little unsure about himself, the Native American headed for the nearest turbolift with the thought that it had been best for the time being if he did not return to the Bridge.  "I think I need a drink," Erik noted to himself as he boarded the turbolift.  "Deck 16... BLACK HOLE Lounge."

Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 16, Corridor
Stardate: 30145.1505

Erik had taken his time to walk the distance between the turbolift and the doors to the BLACK HOLE Lounge.  After all it would not have been proper for anyone to see the ship's CO suddenly rushing into the establishment.  Just as he reached the door, his combadge chirped.

=/\= Ensign Shar'El to Captain Morningstar. =/\=

"Go ahead Ensign," Erik replied having almost come to a complete stop at the unexpected call.

=/\= I just wanted to know if you had a moment to give me?  I would like for us to speak. =/\=

"Of course," the Native American replied in quiet shock. "I always have time for my crew, especially the ILO."

=/\= Thank you Sir. Shall we say the BLACK HOLE Lounge, in 10 minutes? =/\=

"That would be perfect, I am almost there," the Captain noted, half suspecting that the woman had known his current whereabouts.

=/\= I know, =/\= the Ensign stated before closing the comm channel, confirming the CO's suspicions.

::Guess this means that there will be no hiding on this ship,:: Morningstar thought to himself with a half smile.

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