"Self Imposed Nightmare"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Sickbay
Stardate: 63071.2115

"We will be ready," Lea repeated once more with exasperation. Those words had been her reply to the Captain's order to be ready for *any and every contingency*. Because of this the CMO had repeated her answer several times over the last few hours, those words having become her mantra.

Horrific images danced in Lea's head. What would they find once they caught up with the LANCELOT? Would they be there on time or arrive only to count bodies? The worst of it though had been not knowing what to expect.

Going against Romulans meant the medical staff needed to be ready to deal with injuries caused by disruptors. Had they been going against the Gorn, the staff would have been ready for laser burns. The Tholians weapon of choice would have forced them to be ready for seared flesh caused by plasma exposure. As long as they knew what to expect there had been little concerns about the ANUBIS' medical staff being ready.

What kind of weapons did this unknown threat use? Would any victim be able to be brought back to the ANUBIS' Sickbay for treatment or would they need to be attended to on the spot? Would the injuries suffered have been caused by close quarter combat or the results of explosions? So many questions and not a single answer had been available. All that the CMO could do was to prepare as best they could while hoping that all of this had been for not.

"Be sure that we are fully stocked for radiation treatment," Lea stated as she watched 2 nurses carrying a pair of medkits each.  "Not knowing what we will run into means that we have to be ready for the unexpected."

Lea winced as she took a quick step in the direction of the 2 nurses. Although her sprained ankle had been attended to, there had been no time for the CMO to rest. Normally she should have stayed off her feet for at least a full day, but this emergency had made that impossible.

"We really should take it easy," one of the aCMO said.

"Can't," Lea replied, the full weight of her body now resting on the nearest biobed. "We haven't even taken into account injuries that we may suffer once we arrive. If we do get there in time, the welcome mat may be pulled right from under us."

"I had not realized that you had such a low opinion of this ship and her crew," the Captain said as she walked into Sickbay.

"I don't Captain," the CMO quickly added, mentally slapping herself for the timing of her words. "I have the greatest possible respect for every member of this crew. I also know that this ship is capable of going up against things that no one else would ever dream of. It's just that," Lea rambled on before being interrupted by the CO.

"Relax Doctor," Sabrina said with a heartwarming smile. "I understand where you are coming from. We have no idea what we will encounter, but I can assure you that we will take every necessary precautions. Whoever or whatever is out there will not be given any free shots at us."

Lea felt as if a weight had been lifted from her shoulders. As much as she had wanted to plan for the worst case scenario for the ANUBIS' crew, the CMO realized that it had been overkill. The ANUBIS had not been a simple cruiser but one of the Federation's most advanced combat able vessel. So, what could possibly happen?

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Lt. Lea Summers
Chief Medical Officer