"Forgotten Memories"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge
Stardate: 30145.1400

It had been two hours since their departure. Performing all of his duties had kept him busy. At least for the time being. Now that routine began to settle in, memories began to surface.

Memories of his training at the Academy. These lead to memories of the Academy grounds. From there the memories went to a particular spot where he liked to sit. The counselors knew to find him there because that was where he remembered. That was where the battle between his past and future raged at its strongest.

Some days he wished he could forget those memories.  Some days he wanted to forget reality and instead just remember. To remember her smile, her voice, and all of the dreams of they shared.

Memories of his wife always led to one specific day and time when joy turned to pain. When light turned to darkness. It had taken his parents to get him out of his depression. It had taken the counselors at the Academy to make him accept reality. The future and dreams with Leena would be nothing more than an unfulfilled memory.

His duties became his new life, his new purpose. While on duty he needed to forget. He knew that she would not have wanted him to waste his life as he had done. He knew that she would not have wanted for him to waste his future as he had thought.

Jayson needed to forget, at least for now. There would be more than enough time later for him to remember his dreams and forget about reality. In the solitude of his quarters he would be able to do that, but not now.

On the Bridge he needed to think of his duties and forget the memories.

The memories that would always be with him, no matter what.


Jayson Sousa

Ensign Jayson Stark