"Friendly Chat"
(Cont. from "Expendable")

Setting: USS LANCELOT, Crew Quarters
Stardate: 63071.2100

Refreshed by their swim in the lake, and having forged the foundation of a basic friendship, Aki and Hex walked down the corridor towards the CSciO's quarters.  The Kzinti seemed nervous, apprehensive to accept the invitation made by the Human, it had been easy to see that Ensign Fanggot had personal issues about getting close to anyone.

Mitshiba grinned as she recalled another Ensign she had befriended from the Academy.  As she motioned for Hex to step inside the yet-to-be decorated quarters Aki wondered what had happened to her friend Elliot Thomas.

"Nice quarters,” Hex said in an attempt to focus any conversation away from her.

"Nice try," Akira chuckled at her friend‘s effort.  "Your quarters are exactly the same, neither one of us having spent any time in them.

Ensign Fanggot posture changed instantly, as if she had been somehow defeated.  Aki quickly noted this and reached out to her friend before the Kzinti decided to turn and run.

"Relax Hex," Akira said in a friendly yet firm tone.  "I'm not a Counsellor nor do I wish to be, but I can see that there are things in your past that you are uncomfortable with, things that you don't want to speak about.  I respect that and will not force you to tell me, or anyone else, anything.  Just know that I am here if you need someone to talk to."

The Kzinti woman remained motionless, the reassurance offered by Aki having been heard, appreciated but not enough to overcome years of practice in keeping her life a secret from others.  Forced to use more drastic measure unless she wanted to see her friend leave the moment the chance would present itself, Aki invited Hex to share a drink.

The invitation was eventually accepted once the CSciO decided to shift the conversation onto their upcoming mission to the GUMBARA Nebula, a simple research expedition meant more to put the crew at ease than to do actual information gathering.

After the two had shared a couple of drinks and reviewed in detail their expectations of the upcoming mission, the Kzinti woman decided to return to her quarters to rest, the start of their next shift on the bridge having been only hours away.

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Ensign Akira 'Aki' Mitshiba
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