" Dreams "
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Setting: VALLA ROYAL, Quarters
Stardate: 63076.0200

The young woman had not been able to find neither rest nor peace despite having come to this place under the shelter of a new identity.  The shapely Samantha, a Dabo girl who seemed to enjoy the joys and pleasures of the moment never thinking of tomorrow, hid a great many secrets from everyone around her… even herself.

The bed sheets and pillows that had been tossed to the floor of her quarters were but a mild indication of the troubled sleep the redheaded woman had endured since her return to this reality.  The search for who she was had made her leave everything behind… everything but her troubled memories.


The young woman painfully awoke from her unconsciousness, her fingers slowly running over the bump that her impact against the wall had created.  Without any lights or power, Sabrina could only feel her way around the room, unable to fully realize the predicament she was in.  As far as the Chief Science officer had been concerned, something had happened to the ship and emergency systems would soon kick in.  It was only after several seconds that one major aspect of her current situation became clear to her... she was weightless... floating around the room as if being in space.

When she felt the growing coldness of the room, terror washed over her.  The only way that a starship could become this cold and lose gravitational support would be to have all life support systems off-line... for several hours.  Her heart racing at warp speed, Rikar managed to orient herself using her hands in order to find a particular console and panel.  Behind it she pulled a tricorder and immediately initiated a scan with the hopes that her fears would not be confirmed.

What Sabrina found proved to be worse.  Instead of confirming that the ship's systems had been somehow knocked off-line, the small device in her hand revealed that beyond the walls of the room she was in there was *no* ship... only empty space.

"This can't be!" The young woman tearfully pleaded as the tricorder data was verified and revivified.  Life support systems did not work simply because there had not been any attached to the section of ship that had apparently been sheered off the PROPHECY during her dimensional jump.

Panic took hold of Rikar as silence met her attempts to contact someone... anyone on the ship using her comm badge.  If the PROPHECY was not nearby, or worst had been destroyed, she would not manage to survive for more than an hour at best before succumbing to the absolute coldness of space that had already begun to reach within the walls of the room.

As a former Counsellor, Sabrina knew that fear would prove to be her worst enemy in such a situation, and as hard as it proved for her, she managed to regain a semblance of control as she erased her tears from her cheeks.  Using the tricorder that she held with an iron grip, the young woman proceeded to getting a more accurate picture of her situation.

Nearly a fifth of what used to be called Deck 1 had apparently been violently ripped away from the ship and other than Stellar Cartography itself, only two other rooms had managed to survive this catastrophe intact.  This did not help in anyway unfortunately as no auxiliary power generators had been present in the now floating wreckage... and even if there had been... her knowledge of engineering would not have permitted her to do anything about it.  As it was, the only thing standing between her and immediate death was the emergency bulkhead that had fallen into place when the accident occurred.

Suddenly, the young woman's thoughts went to those whom she would have relied upon to help solve this problem... had she not been alone.  Sabrina might have managed to control her panic earlier but her growing sadness in view of her imminent fate was an entirely different story.

"Get a grip!" Sabrina snapped to herself, taking hold of whatever hope she had left.

Again using the tricorder in her hand, Rikar made her way with difficulty to another panel and pulled out a phaser and emergency medical kit.  If there was even the slightest chance for her to be rescued, she needed to be alive for it.  This became her new and only focus.  Trying to understand what had happened to her and the ship did not matter, all she needed to do was survive.

Lack of oxygen and the growing coldness would soon make things impossible for her, so she needed to address these points with urgency.  Drawing on all of her medical and scientific knowledge, Sabrina came up with a plan.  Using the items contained within the med-kit, she would be able to slow her metabolism and allow her to make the best use of the oxygen that had been trapped with her in the room.  The phaser she had retrieved would address the problem of the increasing coldness... all she needed to do was find something that she could use the phaser on.

Using the tricorder, Sabrina located a metallic beam that had been floating around the room as she had.  Taking her time to be certain not to miss her target, the young woman fired the weapon at the beam, infusing it with the phaser's energy.  Within seconds, the low power setting caused the floating beam to glow of a dim red light.  Even though it would not help in shedding light in the room, it would serve the purpose it had been intended for... that of radiating heat... as little as it was.

"Bet my wilderness survival instructor never thought of a scenario like this one." the young woman nervously chuckled as she secured the phaser to her side before opening the med-kit in order to address the next problem she faced.

Sabrina Jones

Once known as...
Captain Sabrina Rikar
Commanding Officer