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The most elusive prey is the one you chase after with the most vigor.

Location: USS ANUBIS, Deck A-5, IGC
Stardate: 30145.1400

Lieutenant JG Dalziel approached the Intelligence Gathering Centre with a wary curiosity. If there was anything to be concluded from Shar'El's relative absence, it was that the new Liaison Officer wasn't the type to introduce herself in a conventional manner. So, Eve would bring her own welcome to the more secretive part of the ship.

Eve had expected the door to be locked, and had prepared to use her override codes to gain purchase, but instead it opened without resistance. She stepped across the threshold into the dimly lit area. "Ensign Shar'El?"

"Lieutenant Dalziel." A petite woman with the darkest hair Eve had ever seen moved forward slightly, allowing the Ullian to be seen. Her eyes were an equally mysterious jet color. It would be easy for someone to get lost by staring into their depths.

"Obviously you were expecting me," Eve said.

"Why do you say that?"

"You left the door open. I've never met an Intel Officer who did that accidentally. I wanted to introduce myself and welcome you aboard the ANUBIS."

Unconsciously, Shar'El's mind reached out. It was what she did. The space between them was filled with swirling memories, none in particular taking importance. There were happy times of being raised by an adopted family, images of Eve as her true race, and then many more mental snapshots of the Counsellor in various disguises. There were violent fights to protect the safety of those she served with, on more than one occasion. Her most recent, sharpest memory was her meeting with Doctor Doyanne.

A smile graced Eve's full lips and angular features. "I see you don't ask a lot of questions."

"I find people aren't always honest when faced with a question," Shar'El replied.

"Did it occur to you that inferences can be made from *any* answer, however untrue?" As she spoke, Eve's gaze fell upon the elaborate display of monitored images of the senior staff that the ILO was watching.

If the Cardassian born woman was shocked by what she saw, it didn't show. "You're gathering Intel. I know the drill. I like to observe in detail as much as the next gal. It's part and parcel of my trade. I just prefer to do it in person, and not by proxy."

"And you think your way is more suitable?"

Eve shook her head. "No. It's just different. And it acknowledges that we work as a *team*. Tell me, what if you no longer had the ability to see into other people's minds?"

Shar'El didn't think terribly long on her answer. The concept was foreign to her. "I would no longer be fit for the position I currently serve."

Eve sighed. "I can't stop you from believing that. But if we were in the middle of a mission when that happened, you'd have to tap into your resourcefulness, your crewmates, and any other tools at your disposal to succeed. That requires building interpersonal relationships, not a PADD full of data files."

Shar'El crossed her arms. "I have met with the ship's CMO."

"Only because it was necessary for your safety and the ship's safety. Getting poked and prodded is not something I enjoy, but I would never jeopardize our position because our Doctor was not kept in the loop. We're more alike than you might think."

The diminutive woman scoffed. "I don't think so."

"Look, I appreciate your methods. Knowing when to be secretive can be very helpful- in a hostile environment. But this is the ANUBIS. We're the 'good guys'. You can gather memories all you want, but that's no substitute for gaining experience. Nobody can live their life *through* the lives of others. Not even someone as obviously gifted as you."

The face of Doctor Lillie Doyanne flashed in Shar'El's mind. Her interaction with the Tarellian had been unexpected and pleasant. But that did not mean she agreed with the Counsellor. "Establishing behavioral patterns is key in determining how someone will react under pressure."

"Not if they make the choice to abandon everything they've ever known or ever done before in an effort to overcome an enemy." Eve gestured to the crew's movements on display. "Do those monitors show you how to tell when someone is at their breaking point?"

The Ullian woman was silent for a few moments. "And you claim to be able to do this?"

"No, but I've spent enough time with the person to help them put the pieces back together and developed the flexibility to roll with the punches when the unexpected happens."

"My method is sound."

"I'm not asking you to change your method. I'm asking you to add to it. The crew, as imperfect as we are, are here to help each other. Not spy on each other."

The earnestness of the tall woman was refreshing. But the ILO was not entirely sold on her ideas. "I appreciate your feedback."

"And I appreciate your audience. I won't forget that you let me in. I'll leave you to your... research," Dalziel said as she withdrew from the usually private sanctum.

Susan Ledbetter
Lieutenant JG Eve Dalziel

"I savored those stories; I read them slowly, one each day. And when I was done, I wished I hadn't read them at all. So I could read them again... like it was the first time."
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