"Abundant Knowledge"
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Stardate: 30145.1230

Being an Intelligence Liaison Officer meant many things. Gathering and analysing information was at the heart of the job description.

To follow someone from the cover of nearby shadows might have been fun, but it was impractical especially on a starship. So for the rest of the day, Shar'El had decided to get more accustomed to the surveillance equipment that filled the Intelligence Gathering Centre.

The large central screen had been segmented into nine equal parts, each one trained on a specific member of the crew.  Camera angles would automatically change as needed to follow the movements and activities of each and every officer.

The ILO smiled as she watched with interest the rest of the ANUBIS' senior staff.  If only she could have looked into all of their memories with this much ease.

Many would have been upset and against the ILO's methods. Some would have been quick to say that this kind of surveillance on members of your own crew was unethical.  As far as Shar'El had been concerned though this had not been a matter of ethics, but one of survival and readiness.  To know how someone would likely react to a stressful situation, you needed to know them at their most honest selves.

Eve Dalziel could dig into a person's psyche to predict how they would react. Lillie Doyanne had her medial scanners to tell her how someone would likely respond to high stress. For the ILO though, the information required about how each member of the crew would possibly react could only be gathered through observation.  Ethics had nothing to do with anything here, she had simply been performing her duty.

The dark eyes of the ILO travelled from side to side of the large screen, allowing Shar'El to take in the whereabouts and actions of the crew.  Even if they had not been doing anything particular, a great deal of information could be gathered through this simple peek into their everyday activities.

The imposing and relatively quiet FCO seemed task driven, uninterested by social conventions.

The eager yet troubled Operations Officer always appeared to be torn between his past and future.

The meticulous Chief Science Officer always seemed to have her nose buried in some research.

The fiery engineer had not been not to delegate, instead enjoying getting things done herself.

The friendly yet nervous Doctor was clearly scared that her true identity would jeopardize her ability to care fr her children.

The tall and slender Counelor had learned well to keep her thoughts to reflect in her actions. She would prove to be a difficult person to read.

The experience and confident Captain had long ago given up the appearance of being less than perfect to the rest of his crew. He would be one of the more interesting person to follow.

Oddly enough, the screen had displayed the image of the dark haired ILO, giving Shar'El an insight as to how others would see her. That is when they would be permitted to do so.

The last of the nine segments, the one in the centre had been reserved for the individual who held the most interest for the Intel Officer.  The Avatar had been the easiest one to follow and the hardest one to understand.  As a walking computer her actions should have been easily predicted, but there had been more about ANI than was visible. 

The rest of the day would be spent watching them, studying them, for no other reason than to get to know them better. The ILO's final goal had been to understand each and every member of the senior staff better than they understood themselves.

Tiffany Reeve

Ensign Shar'El
Intel Liaison Officer