"Kzinti Prime Simulation"
[Cont. from: "Starting Over"]

Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section C-2, Level 4, Holodeck
Stardate: 63073.1920

Fur still raised from the initial surprise of the impact, Hex was less than surprised about her sneaking getting found out. The Holodeck for one thing, is almost always in use, the officer should have known that she was bound to run into someone. Happiness, yet shyness, were the Kzinti's main emotions at 'who' is was that caught her. Not only did she consider this Ensign a friend, but they were also linked by the phenomenon they had both experienced.

And yet... both were still confused as to what each other preferred. Where Aki was more interested in climbing, the Kzinti warrior had been thinking instead of stargazing, one of her favorite and most calming simulations. This difference ended up with both parties gazing at each other somewhat awkwardly.

As this was one of her first encounters in quite some time, Hex worried that she possibly forgot how to interact with those of other species. While in thought about what to say to the humanoid officer beside her, the woman cleared her throat with a small chuckle.

"Well... this isn't really getting anywhere." the aCSciO commented with humor in her tone.

"I guess it HAS been awhile..."

The Kzinti nodded in agreement, but still was pondering what to do. When an idea came to mind the Ensign outwardly groaned slightly, which seemed to further confuse the Asian woman with her. Hex knew of a simulation she would normally keep to herself, but it may possibly be a treat for someone as active as Aki.

"I... I have an idea, it would suit your needs and mine easily but..." the Sec/Tac officer trailed off somewhat in thought before gathering herself with a small sigh. "Would you like to see... Kzinti Prime? It has mountains galore for climbing, though they aren't that stable..." Hex added slowly, rubbing her forearm from a memory.

Looking intrigued the Asian woman nodded slowly, she also seemed to be somewhat cautious about her words and body language, "A good climb was what I was thinking of and I don't recall ever seeing the mountains of Kzinti Prime up close before..."

Hex nodded, she had expected as much considering the fact that her home was less than likely to accept just any traveler.

Gathering up her wits and trying to seem calm, Hex called out, "Computer... run Fanggot 327-438."

Clicking and whirling noises were all the Ensigns received as a confirmation of the request as the walls of the Holodeck shimmered around them. Aki gave the Kzinti an encouraging smile as the area around them soon became VERY familiar to the more cat-like of the humanoids present.

The scenery soon turned into a dessert area, mountains rose up on either side of them as night shadowed the desolate land. The jagged mountains and starry sky held an instant effect on the Kzinti. Just seeing such a familiar sight made the officer's heart leap and her spirits soar. The scene didn't seem to have the same effect on the aCSciO next to her, but Aki seemed pleased at the height and sheer drops of the mountains that shimmered darkly in the moonlight.

Excitement clouded her thoughts momentarily and Hex forgot who it was she was pulling as the Ensign gently grabbed the hand of the Asian woman, "Come on! I know the best parts to climb!"

They climbed and climbed, enjoying the activity as much as each other's company until they finally reached a small cavern. Memories blurred the fuzzy humanoid's mind momentarily, but she shook  them off as they walked to the edge of the cave and sat down to watch the stars above.

A village sat nestled in the distance as they watched the stars move over the darkened skies. Both sat in silence, breathing heavily from the climb. A wash of sweet tasting air rushed up to them from the ground below making hair and fur alike blow in it's gentle breeze.

Aki seemed serene, as though a bit of a weight was lifted off her, though Hex didn't know why, "Thanks Hex... I needed a good climb," she smiled at the Kzinti genuinely and for a brief moment the Ensgin could have sworn she looked just like and old friend from Kzinti Prime...

As the Holodeck shut down slowly, the Kzinti rejoiced inwardly. The headaches had no place in her happiness, she had proved as much by realizing that they had not come even once during the entire simulation. A stab of pain erupted in her mind as she realized this, but she did her best to subdue it. Had the pain been the usual agonizing ringing, the Ensign would have fallen to her knees screaming, but it was minor this time.

"Aki... uh Ensign Mitshiba, thank you for coming with me..." wish a small smile at her crew-mate, Hex was about to move away when a voice came over the trinket on her uniform.

=^= Ensign Fanggot, please reply. =^=

Cheeks flushed with embarrassment from being surprised by the voice on her chest, the Kzinti officer touched the badge and replied with as much as a professional voice as she could, "Yes Captain Morningstar, I am listening."

=^= A mission requires your attention at 0500, will you be ready and willing to accept it? =^= the voice crackled on.

"Y-yes Captain... I think it's just what I needed..." the furred humanoid replied quickly.

=^= I'll see you there then, come prepared, =^= the male confirmed before communication was disconnected.

Hex was dumbfounded a moment, but laughed slightly. The Sec/Tac officer smiled at her companion a moment before moving away more quickly "S-sorry, I have to... um... yeah..."

Leaving the Asian woman near the Holodeck somewhat confused, but smiling, the Kzinti moved with more ease as she headed over to the nearest tube and back to her room. A mission meant  work, and anything that kept her mind busy seemed to keep the pain away.

A mission is just what she needed.

Ashley Shane
Ensign Hex Fanggot
Assistant Sec/Tac officer