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Setting: USS ANUBIS: Corridor
Stardate: 63071.1630

Enaii left the Shillian to her thoughts, as dizzying as it was to listen to the shapeshifter speak, it was unimaginable to think of what it must be like to be in the woman's mind.  Maya, perhaps, was the only person Enaii would never want to be a telepath around.  Whatever secrets that might be gained from the experience would never be worth the exasperation.

There was much for the scientist to ponder, as straight forward as the choice of one life over another was for Enaii, people like the Chief Science Officer valued all life in such a way that the loss of a single one caused them great disturbance.  The ILO rounded a corner, swiftly moving toward her destination while going over the manifest of the LANCELOT which was in her hands.  Captain Eric Morningstar...  she had served under him many years ago, on the USS PROPHECY, a strong man, but expendable.  Commander Evia Nallis, expendable.  Lieutenants Karan, Amal Onay and Frank Smith... expendable. Ensigns Hex Fanggot, Tamara White, Drell, Sartek, Dollaress and Akira Mitshiba, an Ensign that had once briefly served here on the ANUBIS, expendable.  And so the list went, on and on, all expendable.  Over 300 lives, all acceptable losses to the ILO.  Enaii would not lose sleep over it, but she knew many on her crew would.

"Enaii!" a flustered Sabrina exclaimed from behind.  She jogged forward a bit to catch up with her wife.  "Report?"

"The crew of the LANCELOT may be sacrificed," the Intel Operative replied coldly.  "You need to be prepared for that eventuality, it is probable that we will be unable to prevent it."

The young Captain nodded, she was more than accustomed to the agent's callous attitude.  "I will be, if it comes to that.  Elan is pushing the transwarp beyond capacity, we should arrive a few minutes sooner."

"Do not push the ANUBIS to it's peril Sabrina," Enaii lowered her voice, "This enemy is unknown, arrive late if it means being prepared."

"We can't ask the crew of the LANCELOT to die without being willing to die ourselves!" the Captain protested.

Enaii's eyes narrowed and her words cut to the depths of the soul.  "The ANUBIS will never be an acceptable loss."  At that, the ILO picked up the pace and headed to the IGC, leaving her wife to absorb their conversation and prepare for the upcoming encounter.

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