"One More For The Road"
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Location: USS ANUBIS, Deck 7, Sickbay
Stardate: 30145.1150

Almost as quickly as Maya had taken leave of Sickbay, the tall woman known as the Ship's Counsellor entered. "Time for one more?" she asked Doctor Doyanne.

Lillie felt a brush of nerves at Lieutenant JG Dalziel's arrival, but it was tempered with the good spirits of her meeting with Shar'El. "Sure," she said. "How did you know I'd be available?"

Eve shrugged, sitting on the biobed. I didn't. I have good instincts. But I'm no empath, Doctor."

Lillie eyed the pale woman. She almost looked anemic. The CMO decided to start with a base scan, and a little digging. "How many of the senior staff have you spoken to already?"

Eve shook her head. It had been a little more challenging than she had first thought playing 'mission tag' with everyone while they were simultaneously making preparations. "Well, let's see, Ensigns Ttosk and Stark are well occupied at the moment, as is our Engineer. I spoke to the Captain a short time ago."

"Lieutenant Commander Maya?" Lillie ventured, still a little stunned at the rapid fire meeting she had with the uber-prepared officer.

Eve laughed. "Maya and I are already acquainted." In many ways, the Counsellor saw Maya as a mentor. The Shillian's transformation skills couldn't be duplicated, but it was how she dedicated every fiber of her being into self development that Eve was the most interested in and appreciative of.

"Don't forget Shar'El," The good Doctor added.

Eve raised an eyebrow in mock exasperation. "Good luck finding her. I think she's been fully involved in exploring the Intel side of the ship."

"Actually her physical exam is already finished," Ensign Doyenne said with a trace of smugness.

"Oh she's- you've seen her? I think that makes you probably the first." Eve sincerely hoped Morningstar had been able to welcome aboard the elusive ILO. "Congratulations."

Lillie didn't take any time patting herself on the back as the Counsellor's scans were irregular. Body temperature and other baseline readings were off. Eve caught the concern on the blonde woman's face. "I'm sorry... I should have explained first. I'm Cardassian."

Ensign Doyenne's mouth gaped slightly. First a Ullian, now a Cardassian. That would explain the somewhat exotic looks and broad shoulders of the taller woman. And it definitely explained the medical readings. "That's a relief," she said. "I almost thought the equipment was malfunctioning."

"Nope," the dark haired woman said with a smile. "I wouldn't say everyone here has a secret or two, but most of us are..." she searched for the word, "unique."

Susan Ledbetter
Lieutenant JG Eve Dalziel

"I savored those stories; I read them slowly, one each day. And when I was done, I wished I hadn't read them at all. So I could read them again... like it was the first time."
-Melanie to Old Jake, DS9, "The Visitor"