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Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section A, Level 6, Administrative Offices
Stardate: 63071.1500

Admiral Charles M. Koneki… Commanding Officer of the Intel base NEW ALEXANDRIA, a structure the existence of which was known by only a select few… stood between 2 of the 3 massive statues located behind his desk. Each statue represented one of the three SCARAB-Class vessels that operated from the complex… the USS HORUS… the USS SEKHMET… and the USS ANUBIS. Their mission… to protect the Federation and all of its citizens by dealing with the problems that no one else would or knew about.

Koneki's mind struggled to make sense of all that he had been made aware of over the last few hours; reports that now sat on scattered PADDs on his desk. The Admiral's gaze purposely drifted onto the form of the USS ANUBIS which stood motionless beneath him, the ship having been securely docked in its *home* while the senior staff had been busy in a holodeck training exercise.

On Stardate 63071.1230 the transponder signal of the USS ETNA suddenly stopped; a simple event that the Admiral would have normally dismissed as having been a sad tragedy. Life in Starfleet had not been one of quiet exploration and the lost of a ship had unfortunately been a far too frequent part of the game they played. Alas that report had not been the first of its kind to cross the Admiral's desk, the transponder signal of the USS ETNA having been the fifth to stop without explanation over a period of four hours.

A chime echoed through the peaceful office and caused the Admiral to abandon his contemplation of the only active SCARAB-Class Cruiser currently present inside the NEW ALEXANDRIA Complex. As if fearing what he had to do next, the base's CO slowly made his way back to his desk. With the press of a single button one of the impressive Egyptian canvas on the opposing wall slid out of sight to reveal an equally impressive view screen.

"Report," Koneki calmly commanded, his voice echoed an uneasiness that was alien to the veteran officer who had seen more in the last decade than most Starfleet officers had seen in their entire career.

=/\= We have reviewed and analysed the information provided… we are ready to answer your questions. =/\= A female voice said, the screen having opened onto a completely black room where the hints of shadows could barely be discerned.

"Do these events have a common cause?" The Admiral inquired of the darkness, the individuals hidden therein having possessed unique abilities that more than once had given the Intel team an insight into a situation that no one else could have provided.

=/\ = Based on the last known location of the five Federation vessels and the similarities in the sudden end to their transponder signals there is a 87.9% chance that all five events have been caused by the same source. =/\= A second female voice replied from the darkness, the intonation and manner of speech being very close to those of the first… pointing to their obvious status as siblings.

"Were these attacks initiated by the Cardassian, maybe the Gorn?" The Admiral huffed as he ran his hand over his lower jaw in irritation, unable to fathom why either top choices for these attacks would have dared such a bold and open aggressive gesture against them. Yet the possibility of a local known race having decided to enter into a war with the Federation had been a welcomed one compared to some of the other possibilities.

=/\= There is only a 9.7% chance that these events were initiated or sanctioned by either of these races, =/\= A third voice from the darkness added, moving the number of unseen siblings to 3.

=/\= Intercepted coded transmissions from the Cardassians Union indicate that there is a 78.1% chance that 2 of their vessels may have suffered the same fate in the last week, =/\= A fourth voice commented in a rather unemotional manner.
"And the Gorn could have lost ships as well and not even know about it," the Admiral signed to himself. The reptilian race had always been a formidable opponent, but when it came to logistics the Gorn had been credited to being able to lose a battleship while standing on top of it.

=/\= Based on the speed of the attacks and their apparent effectiveness, there is a 91.3% chance that these attacks are not the result of any local military organization, =/\= Yet another voice added, bringing the total number of similar sounding people hiding in the complete darkness of the room the view screen had been opened on to 5.

The Admiral remained silent… the implication of this report reaching further than the simple safety of the Federation and its citizens.

=/\= Given that all of the attacks have taken place in a nearly perfectly straight path, there is a 95.8% chance that this is the work of a single attack force, =/\= The 1st of the 5 women heard previously said, indicating that the situation had been thoroughly analysed by the sisters.

=/\= There is only a 12.7% chance that these attacks were specifically meant to target Federation interests, =/\= The 3rd unseen woman chimed in.
"In other word," the Admiral sarcastically interrupted, "we got lucky… yeah."

=/\= The point of origin does appear to be from an unexplored section of the galaxy, pointing to a 89.7% chance that the attacker is at this time unknown to us, =/\= The voice of the 2nd profiler was heard saying.

"Can we extrapolate the next possible target?" Koneki inquired as he debated his next course of action based on the answer that would be provided.

=/\= There are several possible targets along the attacker's current path, but there is a 67.2% chance that the USS LANCELOT will be the next to encounter the unknown attacker followed by a 77.4% that the attacker will move on to Starbase 115. The ship's registered mission plan taking them almost head-on to the unknown advancing force. Based on available data, the CAVALIER-Class ship has only a 7.6% chance of surviving the encounter if the ANUBIS is dispatch within the next hour, =/\= The 6th and final female voice said before the screen shot off as Koneki forcefully hit the control panel located on his desk returning the Admiral to his quiet solitude.

Several moments passed in absolute silence as the Admiral considered what he had heard and the only possible course of action. The sisters had always been a great help in providing a clear set of possibilities, but on this particular matter it seemed as if the options available had been reduced to only one.

"Allyson… Get Captain Rikar up here… NOW."

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