"In Science There Is No Such Thing As Too Much Information"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 12, Planetary Studies Lab
Stardate: 30145.1100

The fingers of the Shillian Scientist flew over the console of the Planetary Studies Lab at a frantic pace. As the Chief Science of the USS ANUBIS it had been her responsibility to research everything concerning the moon orbiting PI ALPHA III that could possibly prove useful to the crew.  As the acting Executive Officer for the mission though, there had been a complete other set of responsibilities that required her complete attention.

The safety of the crew, both while on route to the hellish moon and once in orbit, rested squarely on her shoulders, and because of this the Shillian had wanted to insure that all available information had been gathered and forwarded to the right people.  In this particular instance, Doctor Doyanne, the Chief Medical Officer of the USS ANUBIS required a great deal of data.  Near the top of the rather lengthy list created by the Shillian Scientist, the specifications on the sulfuric pools, the chemical concentration of the acid as well as the possible presence of all other chemical and biological substances that could be dangerous or hinder a treatment could be found.

Although the Chief Science Officer had never directly dealt with the realm of medicine, her background and knowledge of science in general had been more than sufficient to understand how severe such an acid burn could become if not rapidly treated. This of course had insured that this information would make the list as well as several other items, each deemed to be just as important.

Files after lengthy files were downloaded onto the PADD that sat on top of the work station next to the researcher. The information had been as detailed as the Shillian Scientist could make it to be.  When the confirmation that the download of the last file had been completed, the Chief Science Officer dashed out of the lab and headed straight for Sickbay, the PADD firmly on her grasp.


Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 7, Sickbay
Stardate: 30145.1145

The Head of the Science Department burst into the room to find Doctor Doyanne peacefully sitting at her desk. A sudden understanding flashed onto the face of the Chief Medical Officer as she saw the Shillian Scientist now standing in the doorway of her office.  The Ensign quickly recalled the conversation the two Officers shared a little while back in which the Chief Science Officer had been invited to hand in her findings on the moon of PI ALPHA III.

"Sorry it took so long," the Shillian said as she offered the PADD to the sitting Medical Officer.  "The research and cataloging of the data concerning the biological, chemical and environmental hazards took longer than I had originally expected.  It is difficult to imagine anyone, I mean of their own free will, accepting to go to such a completely inhospitable place.  That said though, I can see the advantages of using such a dangerous and unpredictable location for training purposes."

Lillie blinked several times as she did her best to absorb the tidal-wave of information that the Shillian had unleashed in what seemed to have been a single breath.  Before the Chief Medical Officer could say anything though, the Scientist continued at what seemed to be an even faster rate, if that was at all possible.

"The challenges offered by the hostile environments of that planetoid are truly remarkable. The high velocity winds are strong enough to bring a full size starship down, so the VIPERS will truly be put to the test, not to mention the skills of their pilots.  Beyond that, the presence of volcanic ashes in both the upper and lower atmosphere is going to make things exceptionally difficult, greatly reducing visibility and hindering breathing.  I would suggest giving every member of the team an injection of tri-oxide just before we go down to the moon of PI ALPHA III, this to help deal with the reduced oxygen intake.  Might not be a bad idea to stock up a few extra hypo-spray with that compound in case someone suffers some sort of shortness of breath while on the surface.  That said though, the breathing issues will be minor when compared to the possibility of bio-chemical burns. There are a great many sulfuric acid pools on the surface of the planetoid, some of them have a high enough concentration to reduce full limbs to bio-genic goo in a matter of seconds.  Those should be easy enough to identify thanks to the orange coloring of the liquid, but other pools will seem perfectly safe at first glance, so we will have to be very cautious.  We will need to issue a general order to the senior staff *not* to drink or even touch any of the local water, not if they want to actually survive this little training mission."

For a brief moment the Chief Medical Officer was thankful that she had been sitting, for had she not been there would have been a very high risk of her flat out falling over from the sheer amount and speed of the information being given to her by the Shillian.

"Although the sun of the PI ALPHA system radiates a fair amount of gamma, ultra-violet and infra-red radiation, not to mention the occasional burst of electromagnetic radiation, the ash filled atmosphere of the moon should provide a decent protective coat, that is as long as we do not decide to stay there for more than a few days.  As we will be inside various vehicles for the majority of our stay on the surface, I believe that no extra precautions will be required," the Chief Science Officer continued, leaving Ensign Doyanne to wonder if Shillians actually needed to breathe in order to speak.

"I am sure that you have covered every possibilities," the Chief Medical Officer managed to say before the Scientist continued.  "It will be my pleasure to review all of the data you have provided me with," Lillie continued as she reached for the PADD that had still been in the hands of the Shillian.  "I am sure that Captain Morningstar would be pleased to see your diligence and thoroughness in researching this."

The Shillian grinned.  "I was actually going to head to the Bridge next to deliver a complete report to him.  I wanted to make sure that he had all available information before we actually got underway,"

Seeing a rare opportunity to get a word in edge wise, the Chief Medical Officer quickly added, "Well it is almost 1200, you might want to hurry if you want him to see the data before we leave."

Shocked by the actual time, the Chief Scientist Officer apologized before making a hasty exit out of Sickbay leaving the Doctor to wonder what had actually just transpired.  After a few seconds, Ensign Doyanne laughed as she realized that no medical examination had actually been performed on the Shillian.  Opening the medical file of the Lieutenant Commander, the Chief Medical Officer found that there had been only one possible entry that could be made.

"After an interesting visit from Lieutenant Commander Maya, it is the medical opinion of this Officer that her vocal cords, lungs and all aspects of the respiratory system of the Shillian are working *just fine*.


Jessica Solarik

Lieutenant Commander Maya
Chief Science Officer

"To see the world in a grain of sand,
and a heaven in a wild flower.
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
and eternity in an hour."
- William Blake (British, 1757-1827)