"Joining The Team"
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Setting: NEW ALEXANDRIA, Section C, Level 3, Thomas's Temporary Quarters
Stardate: 63075.1900

Elliot was sitting in the main area of the temporary quarters listening to some relaxing music, with lots of things going through his head.

The unexpected sound of the door chime sounded snapped the COO back to reality.

"Enter," called ET as he sat forward in his chair to see who was about to come through the door.

The door opened with its usual hissing sound and revealed the familiar figure of the Native American CO.

"Hello Ensign Thomas," Captain Morningstar said as he walked into the temporary quarters.

Elliot stood up automatically to attention and responded, "Sir, is there something I can help you with?"

Erik looked at Elliot as he walked further in and sat in the nearest chair, "Elliot, isn't it?"  The Ensign nodded and the CO continued, "I'm taking the USS HATHOR at 05:00 tomorrow and heading for VALLA ROYAL and I'd like you to join the group I'm putting together?"

ET stared at the Captain briefly, then his gaze was distracted to the door on the far wall, as a disgruntled shout from his teenage daughter came muffled through from the other room "Does that mean we have to get up early?".

Ensign Thomas looked back to Captain Morningstar smiling, "Yes sir, I'll be there, anything to take my mind of things," he laughed as he walked to shake the CO's hand to say thank you.

As Elliot shook the Captains hand he then remembered he hadn't asked him if he would like any refreshments.  "While your here sir would you like a drink?" asked the COO as he walked back to the chair opposite the Captain.

"I'm afraid I don't have time Ensign, but perhaps next time," the CO answered as he got up from his chair and headed to the door, before he exited the quarters he turned back to ET and reminded him, "0500 tomorrow remember, at the USS HATHOR, I'll be expecting you on the ops station... On time".

Craig Mitchell
Ensign Elliot Thomas
Chief Operations Officer