"Fond Memories and a New Friend"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck 7, Main Sickbay
Stardate: 30145.1130


Watching as the smaller female easily hoist herself down off the biobed, Lillie still found that her mind was in shock. Learning so much about one person and at the same time being learned so much about all in a matter of seconds was... unsettling. Although, on the brighter side, the Ensigns were on the quick trip to becoming fast friends. It would be good for her, to have at least one person know. A brief memory of her daughters holding her tight eclipsed over her mind, which the attentive ILO easily caught onto.

"What are their names?" Shar'El inquired curiously, not having heard them mentioned. She highly doubted the names bestowed on the two children were 'Lovely' or 'Baby' as they had been referred too in the memories.

"Dawn and Dusk, they're twins" the Tarellian smiled allowing a gentle and fond memory escape especially for the woman in her company to view.


The night sky was dark in comparison the the bright lights inside the ship she had always been aboard. The stars of millions of the brightest galaxies hung in the air above the small envoy as they made their way to a small patch of isolated grass under the open sky. Lille could hardly breath and the breaths she could manage were labored at best. They were coming, her children were to finally be born.

Beside the blonde were two people dressed fully in suits meant specifically to protect from her people's infection. On one side, her mother - brave and strong - an inspiration among their people. On the other, the brilliant-minded son of the fist Terran to ever attempt in aiding a race all else had left for dead.

The two placed the younger Tarellian woman down gently in the soft grass. It was a feeling she had never experienced but had neither the time or energy to do so with enjoyment. All the woman focused on was the immense pain swelling in her abdomen. Even when subsided, the promise of a new wave left a sort of pain itself.

Time between the torturous explosions were thinning. Knowing this the two beside her quickly got to work setting up everything that was needed to aid in a smooth delivery. The weakened youth aided them where she could but was otherwise helpless laying between them as the discomforting bursts racked her body again and again.

All at once her suffering increased from pain to agony. Pushing hard, practically pit-falling into a sea of light-headed sways, the young woman was made a mother as the first of her young was pulled from her and cleaned. Thinking it over the Tarellian beside her calmed, but it was not to be. The torment was not complete.

Again allowing her body to further push into itself lead to waves of nausea. Throbbing aches echoed through each membrane of Lillie's core as another whimpering youth was produced. Feeling defeated, drained and sore the once prominent stomach was left empty of the contents it had once lovingly carried.

After having being checked for health and cleaned to some degree the small newborns were placed in their mother's waiting arms. All the hardship of the delivery was nothing in comparison to the happiness that now erupted in the exhausted body of the new mother. With careful movements the Tarellian kissed each individual forehead in turn and whispered a single word each before slowly allowing sweet oblivion to claim her mind.

"Dawn. Dusk."


The self-made Terran seemed surprised at the intensity of the memory shared, so much so that it almost brought a tear to her own eyes. The woman standing next to her however seemed to have allowed the waters of love to claim her eyes if for only a moment.

"T-Thank you... I never expected... I didn't think you would wish to share something so personal with me after I had seen into your mind of my own accord" Shar'El whispered, audible enough for her companion to barely hear.

"It is a memory I cherish... but there are little secrets to be found between friends. I will honor our new friendship and of course keep your background to myself. Your secret is safe with me." Lillie stated offering a bright smile to help reassure the shorter Ensign.

Even if it was not as large, the Ullian offered a fond smile in return before turning to go "Things to do now Doctor, but I'm sure we'll have plenty of time to talk... soon?" the Ensign queried

"Bet on it." the blonde humanoid beamed, watching as her new found ally exited the Sickbay.

Returning to her desk the Tarellian was wiped out already. Only two patients so far and the CMO was hoping to call it a day, but there was work to be done and more of the elusive senior officers to meet. Her mind racing, Lillie couldn't help but wonder as to what the personalities of her other patients would be. Sighing deeply before sitting back up and righting herself the Ensign prepared for what was to come next and hoped that she could later contemplate all that had already occurred at a later date in her quarters.

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