"The Black One is Mine"
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Setting: USS ANUBIS, Bridge, just exiting the Conference Room
Stardate: 30145.1030

~Uugh finally I’m out of that meeting,~ Ttosk thought to himself as he stepped out of the Conference Room.  Just sitting down and listening to others speak had not been one of the Zaldan male's strengthens, still the prospect of getting to fly one of those VIPERS had caught the towering man's interest and now he wanted to see these crafts personally.

As the pilot made his way through the Bridge he noticed that the Operations Officer appeared somewhat nervous as he walked next to him and wondered why anyone would feel this way.

In silence the two Officers boarded the turbolift and turned to see the doors close behind them.  A quiet sigh of relief escaped from Jayson Stark as he saw the CO and CNS apparently heading for the Captain's Ready Room.

"Sorry," the shorter of the two Ensign began as he glanced up to the towering FCO.  "I just a little nervous at the idea of having our CO flying the VIPERS with us.  No pressure to perform at all there."

Ensign Ttosk just shrugged and dismissed the man's opinion. As far as the massive pilot had been concerned the Captain of the ANUBIS had been well within his rights to take advantage of the situation. This would in no way alter Wydran's abilities and desire to put the VIPER through all of the required tests.  "Array Section, Deck Alpha - 3," the FCO instructor the computer without any further delays to get them on their way to see the ships that they would soon be flying.

The journey to the array section of the USS ANUBIS had been in perspective to other travels within the ship a very long one.  By default people did not just go to the array section as it contained only very specialized areas such as the IGC


Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck A-3, Corridor

Stardate: 30145.1045

As Ensign Ttosk and Stark stepped out of the turbolift in unison the two of them were surprised to find a set of heavy-duty doors a few meters directly ahead.  The label on them had made it perfectly clear that they had reached their destination, but still neither one of them had expected to find such an obstacle in their path.

"What the heck are they hiding behind those doors?" Jayson inquired to no one in particular and not truly expecting a reply, especially not from the towering Zaldan next to him whom he had come to see has being the rather strong silent type.

As the two Officers stepped up to the doors, they were again surprised by the fact that they had remained closed.

"Computer," the Zaldan began in what could have only been described as a somewhat irritated tone. "Open the doors to the VIPER Launch Bay."

=/\= Unable to comply, =/\= the artificial disembodied voice of the ship's computer promptly stated.  =/\= Interceptor Launch Bay is currently depressurized due to the VIPERS being returned to the launch platform. =/\=

"Great," the OPS Officer sighed, "how long before this is completed?"

=/\= Re-pressurization of the Interceptor Launch Bay will be completed in eight minutes and 42 seconds. =/\=

"Alright," Jayson chucked as he once again cranked his neck to look up to the ship's FCO. "Looks like we have only a few options: either we stay and wait or we go back and return later."

Wydran simply looked down at the man standing next to him, the expression on his face speaking volume even though the Zaldan had opted to remain silent.

"Gotcha... we'll wait right here."

The minutes pasts in complete silence as the two ensigns grew increasingly anxious for the massive doors to part allowing them access to the goal of their quest.  When an audio chime echoed through the corridor, Wydran and Jayson knew that their wait had come to an end.


Setting: USS ANUBIS, Deck A-3, Interceptor Launch Bay

Stardate: 30145.1055

The room had been much larger than either Officer had expected it to be, but still this had not been a problem as it actually gave them a perfect view of the three support crafts that they had come here to see.

The instant that Ttosk entered the large room, his eyes were drawn to an almost camouflaged form, one that he took no time in recognizing.  Before the PS Officer could even realize what had happened, the FCO had left his companion.

"The black one is MINE," Wydran announced as he literally skipped towards the black coloured VIPER leaving Jayson both stunned and amused.

Never had the OPS Officer expected to see the giant this happy or moving as he was, so he decided to keep to himself the little bit of knowledge he had stumbled upon when reading about the VIPERS.  As Intel level Interceptors, the crafts had been given several specialized tools to help them in through the various situations that they might encounter. One such tool had been the ability of the bio-regenerative hull of the VIPERS to change colour allowing them to more easily bland in with their environment so as to be harder to see and even more difficult to target with visually aimed weapons.

With Ttosk busy with his selection of VIPER, Jayson approached the nearest one, his awe and admiration of the craft increasing with each step he too.


Scott Moll

Ensign Wydran Ttosk
Flight Control Officer

In collaboration with

Francois Charette

Captain Erik Morningstar
Commanding Officer